Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay, so this post is for my little sisters..Metta and Daysa. Baby Z was so good driving out to Toledo! He only had one fit and it was ten minutes from the hotel! I think it went so well because he always had two little faces in the back seat to keep him company (metta and daysa rode in the back all the way to toledo). We took my family to the airport and the minute he got back into his carseat and realized that he no longer had two happy faces smiling at him, he had a come apart. The pictures are of the before and after! The frowny face erupted into a scream very quickly!

Here at the Toledo Public Library!

We are at the toledo public library trying to update our blog! the only pictures that we can post right now are from our phones so I apologize for any poor quality! the past week has been quite the adventure.

The two pictures below are from cedar point, possibly the craziest amusement park on earth! Kent can vouch for the craziness, he threw up all over the place after going on some really intense rides. The worst part of it all was that he was strapped onto a roller coaster where his head was being held in place by an over-the-head restraint so he had nowhere to ralph but all over himself. It was terrible and hysterical all at the same time!! He hated the ride pictured below...its the "wicked twister"..... its a giant U (the yellow snake looking thing on both sides of the picture) and is terribly intense. It takes you straight up and down back and forth from one side of the u to the other and does a corkscrew at both ends! I loved it.

Here is the Nauvoo temple. We have lots more pics that we will have to post soon. We'll create a travel log for you all! Nauvoo was great, so was carthage!

And finally a glimpse of Toledo.
This is Swan Creek Park! It is only one mile from our house and is AMAZING!! wow! it has a three mile trail that runs through it with crickety swinging bridges and the works! you all must come visit and see it!

Hopefully the internet people come tomorrow and set up! we have lots more to post! this place is wonderful! the ward is great and is so welcoming and we've already made good friends.
hope to be back to blogging soon!! ---kent and leisy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our next great adventure

We are all packed and ready to go. My mom and Bro-in-law James came over this morning and we all worked super hard loading that truck! The boxes kept multiplying and getting heavier with each trip to the basement and back upstairs. Thank you for helping so much! We couldn't have loaded that truck alone.

Some have asked how long the trip will take and the route we will take. We jump onto I-80 and basically go straight to our apartment. No twists or turns. It is a very direct route. Total driving time of 24 hours - we will break it up into a three day trip. We'll stop in Nebraska and take a side trip to Nauvoo. We will spend some time visiting the church sites. It should be quite the adventure. I have no idea when we will have access to the Internet again so this may be the last post for awhile. Wish us luck! I don't know what traveling will be like with Zeb at 7 weeks. He's been such a great baby thus far. He is so chill and loves his car seat. Love everybody so much - we will miss you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight tidbits about yours truly!

I was "tagged" and have to share 8 unique things about myself:

1. I LOVE taking showers. They make everything better: they help me wake up, they help me relax before bed, and they are essential after a work out! Z must take after his Dad because he also LOVES taking baths and is content when he is naked! What can I say - Like father, like son.

2. Languages are fascinating to me. In high school I invented my own cryptic alphabet to use in my journal. I felt like I had gone to Hogwarts instead of the MTC when I was learning Portuguese. After learning the ward acabar which means "to do away with" I felt like I was learning spells! I could put a string of spells together and magically people would understand me! Russian is cool because it has an alphabet different than most. It was like combining the cryptic alphabet and spells. Russian also helped me get into medical school - my interviewer addressed me in Russian and I understood and spoke back! I have learned essential phrases in multiple languages - only the most important ones like... I'm going to kill you.

3. In Junior High my form of rebellion was reading Stephen King books. I would check them out from the library and enter the house through the garage. I would hide the books in seldom used cupboards or tool boxes and then smuggle them downstairs when no one was home. I would stay up late terrifying myself. I remember getting a drink at 3:30 AM and swore that I saw Annie holding an axe on the other side of the window! (I still can't read the story of Lazarus' resurrection without getting the creeps thanks to Stephen King).

4. In sixth grade there was an unfortunate boy that let slip he believed in evolution. I took it upon myself to ridicule him as often as possible. I would call him "monkey-boy" or make monkey noises behind him on the playground. I wish I could apologize to him now because after BYU I too am a firm believer in evolution. Much to my parents dismay I have become converted to Darwin's ways. It is fascinating that all the diversity on this earth is created by the same 4 nucleotides and 20 amino acids! Histone proteins are identical in animals, plants and microorganisms! Insulin is so similar in other mammals that we can use cow and pig insulin in our own bodies if we can't make our own!

5. I hated my fifth grade teacher so badly I frequently acted up in class. I would yell at him and tell him how stupid I thought he was. Don't worry - he did the same back to me. In fact he told me I played sports like a girl. At the end of the year I received two N's in citizenship (needs improvement). I had straight A's but I was so afraid of what my parents would say I threw away my report card!

6. In high school I couldn't tell Leisy and Laney apart! I would have to look at the color of their backpacks before I spoke to them. Of course Laney had the brilliantly bright pink backpack so it was a dead give away. Hint: If they are together and you can't tell the difference - look for pink. It has always worked for me!

7. I inherited my mother's bladder. (I should stop writing now, that explains everything). In high school I was in All State Choir and we were singing in the tabernacle. Needless to say I couldn't leave in the middle of the performance! It was a gospel song with a lot of clapping and dancing around and I peed my robe... or pants under the robe. It was awful. Nobody could see and I had a change of clothes in the car. I was humiliated.

8. One night after working at Arctic Circle I was starving and headed across the street to Sconecutter. (It was the only place open). It was raining really hard and when I swung into the drive thru the planter box and the newly planted tree jumped out of nowhere! Leaves were covering the car. I felt so stupid I quickly drove home without ordering anything or fixing the damage to the tree. 10 years later we still giggle when we see the leaning tree next to Sconecutters!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Your luck is about to change"

So, we went out to lunch the other day at P.F. Changs and Kent got a fortune that made us a little nervous. It read "your luck is about to change". Our luck has been fabulous forever! I'm not a superstitious person, but it has come true.

In the two weeks since the fortune-

1. my parents' basement flooded and soaked our mattresses, furniture, and entire layer of bottom boxes. Thank heavens we didn't lose anything important like our journals! we lost some books( goodbye to kent's entire works of Shakespeare, I wasn't too upset about that!), my favorite pair of slippers, and a few papers and whatnot. Our mattresses pretty much dried out- leaving a few crusty marks- but still sleepable!

2. kent's shorts, garments, wallet, and phone were stolen! in the wallet was a blank check from our Zion's account, a 350 dollar deposit check from our landlady, all of Kent's credit cards from our UCCU accounts, and lots more stuff. We have spent the past two days getting things canceled and reopened!

3. our driver's side window is fickle and if rolled down will only occasionally and on its own time frame roll back up. We don't unroll it at all anymore and have to open the door at drive thrus and whatnot. Monday the door handle on the inside of the car exploded and now we can't open the door from the inside! of course we can't unroll the window to open the door so I have to walk around and let kent out, or he has to climb over to the passenger seat.

UPDATE: this morning we noticed that the car is leaking something on to my parents' driveway. it is now at clegg's auto geting checked out. the stupid door handle is going to cost fifty bucks to fix. do we really need to be able to open the door from the inside?

4. kent got a TB test for his med school physical and went back FOUR hours too late to get it checked. We had to pay to get another one and when he went back for this one, it turned out his doctor is gone to Africa until AFTER we move. He has to have the papers to turn into the school by August seventh!!

5. Finally, our perfect little Zeb had a screaming fest yesterday. He screamed longer and louder than I've ever heard him before.

boo to P.F. Changs. I'm now a believer of fortunes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Baby - Baby Z

Look how big he looks! He looks like a little person. He has already grown so much over the past 5 weeks. He has started to develop quite the personality. He is finally leaving the incredibly boring phase and has started to interact with his parents a little more! Proof: take a look at the following picture. He was so ticked and it was so funny.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Does anyone know Greg Olsen?

After seeing this picture at one of those hairy-scary, cheap and disgusting Mexican restaurants (maria bonita) I knew I had to get in contact with Greg Olsen. During his illustrious career as an LDS artist why has he yet to paint President Hinckley with Mary? If anyone can get me connected with Greg Olsen I'm sure he would share some of his earnings from the future painting: "Mary blesses the Prophet"!!

its finally here!!

so its almost noon and I am the only one in the house awake (kent, z, and my little sisters are all here)! We went and saw Harry Potter last night at 12:01! we got home at three this morning! its one of the only benefits of living with my parents for these three weeks, they watched baby Z for us! Unfortunately they were off to work when he got up at 6:30! Kent is great and took him upstairs so that I could sleep in until 9:30! I switched him and now he's taking a nap before he heads off to work.
Anyhow, the movie was so much fun! Going to the midnight showings of Harry Potter has to be one of my favorite things ever! The people are always so ridiculously crazy...especially at the Scera. When the movie started everybody was yelling and screaming. It got me all excited so that I didn't fall asleep.
All in all it was a good movie, pretty intense actually! Luna Lovegood and Dolores Umbridge are cast so well. They definately make this movie. There are some pretty funny parts.
We can't wait for book SEVEN!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Eight things you probably DIDN'T want to know about me!

Okay, so here I go! This is in response to being tagged. I have to share eight little known facts about myself. This is going to be relatively rough considering I don't have many secrets or unknown facts. I talk a lot and with that talking comes all of my secrets! Some of this may be new, some may be old, and some may be plain shocking!! oh, and I tag James. I don't think I've heard from him on the blog ever!

1. I have been in fifteen car accidents. I have never been driving in any of them! The most recent involved a white trash couple (the man had no shirt, only sandals, holey jeans and his pregnant wife with him on a motorcycle. and of course neither had helmets). The worst was when I was thirteen. We were in Idaho at a family reunion and were hit by a drunk driver. Our car rolled, my cousin flew out, and my dad gashed his head so bad we could see his skull.

2. The only guns I have ever shot are an M-16 and a Hauitzer from a tank (i have no idea on the spelling of that gun). When we shot the tank it started the mountain on fire and the fire fighters had to come put it out.

3. I would rather have a baby (with an epidural of course) than get a cavity filled. I had to be sedated to go to the dentist when I was younger. Having a baby includes gifts, visitors, meals, and a baby.

4. Kent and I have decided that instead of a funeral, the first to die gets turned into a diamond that the living spouse gets to wear! Really. we are serious. It costs about half of a funeral. Our original wish was to keep each others skulls but we can't find any place that will preserve just a human skull...I guess the defleshing/debraining is too intense.

5. Kent and I met in high school anat and phys class almost ten years ago! I used to rip up little pieces of paper and throw them in his backpack to irritate him. He was so OCD that he couldn't let them stay in there for more than a minute. I also used to crinkle his assignments to pester him. Once he redid an assignment six times before he finally realized he would have to turn it in crinkled cause I wouldn't stop.

6. I have a small obsession with entertainment news (as most of you could tell with the paris stuff). I check People.com at least once a day to look at photos and read the latest dirt on celebs. They intrigue me.

7. At BYU I did a research project on Urine therapy. For part of the research I drank my pee for ten straight days. It wasn't bad at all. Urine is very sterile.

8. In college we woke up to find a dead cow in our living room. We were in the newspaper, on CNN, on the news in Idaho and Utah, and even made the Late late show with Craig Kilborne. It was so fun! We have left our legend at Ricks college! People still talk about it regularly up there. I get stopped all the time and people ask "weren't you the girl with the dead cow in her living room at ricks?"

During the move to Lehi we have become blog inactivated! Moving is quite the ordeal! Thanks to all who have helped us so much thus far. We have a few very bloggable stories to share that happened throughout this week. All of our things have been hiding in boxes and bags and we haven't had access to anything lately! We have a few fun pics of Zeb from our cell phones that we wanted to share with everyone. Stay posted for some fun stories about moving to Lehi!