Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lately I've been taking gobs of cell phone pics. Sorry about the terrible quality.

These little rascals are partners in crime.  Which means that they are usually partners in consequences as well.  This is the result of some sort of wrestling match that turned into a full blown battle.
They always start out laughing and smiling- but somehow we always end up in tears.  Ike is pretty feisty and usually throws the first punch.  I want them to be able to play together and wrestle but how can I keep it 'friendly'?  I don't think it's possible at this age!!

And here's what I found after my shower earlier this week.  Luckily it wasn't done in a fit of rage so the consequence was simply remaking their beds.
And finally this picture that I've been meaning to post for ages.  When the Hawes stopped back through on their way home we let the boys run around in the backyard on the slip n slide.  It would be really nice to live closer!  Zeb loves his cousin Henry!  They skype often and just make funny faces at each other and laugh.  I'll have to get a picture next time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

ah. the joys of being a parent.

gag.  the joys are overrated and often seem to be far and few between.

okay-okay-it really isn't that bad. and there are many joys. tonight we just happened to have a major explosion with rugrat #1. and kent had to go to work right in the midst of it all. I was left to deal with damage control and I'm just plain pooped because Ike has decided that since Kent worked nights this whole past week that he would wake up EVERY night around 2 or 3 wailing for him. And not go back to bed for quite some time.  I'm not complaining- just documenting.

exhibit 1.  here's what I mean by damage control after the breakdown of rugrat #1.  Ike is checking out the destruction.

This has never happened before. Is it normal? or do we have a budding psychopath on our hands?!?! every book off the shelves, every blanket and stuffed animal off the beds.  Pure chaos. He'd been sent to his room by Kent for yelling at us. Apparently he decided to take out his anger on his room. I sentenced him to clean up the books and not leave the room until tomorrow (it was seven pm).  With a little help from me- he did clean up the books. Although he swears he 'can't remember' who made the mess.

and here's exhibit #2. proof that this kiddo isn't sleeping at night.
If only I could fall asleep while standing at the couch.  Or at the kitchen sink.

And one final picture/story to illustrate my stress.  This actually happened last week and was panic inducing.  Kent was working late and Laney and Taylor had arrived earlier in the day. We had put all of the kids to bed at about 7:30 and hadn't heard any noise since about 8.  Taylor went up to check on Henry at about 8:15 and I asked him to look at my kiddos, too.  He was gone for a few minutes and came back down to report that he couldn't find Ike. Seriously- he had checked all of the rooms and couldn't find him. I went up to check out some of his spots and also couldn't find him. I came back down to ask for Laney and Taylor's help searching the other parts of the house.  I wasn't too nervous considering there were three adults in the house and Ike would have had to pass us to get much of anywhere besides out the front door which was deadbolted above his reach. They helped search the basement, garage, cars in the garage, and front room while I continued upstairs.  After about five more minutes I started getting frantic. Our house isn't that big!  I was checking drawers, cupboards, the laundry chute, out windows, in bathtubs, showers, closets, etc.  At this point I was convinced he had been taken or was hanging dead by some cord or was suffocated in some small space.  Taylor decided to go outside and start searching.  After about three more minutes I grabbed my cell phone to call the police.  I had no idea what else to do. He was missing.

 At the same time I was looking for my phone- Kent had pulled up from work. Taylor was already outside and went straight to the car to tell him what was going on.  I got to the door to see if Taylor had any luck outside (phone in hand to call the police) just as Kent was coming in.  My face was completely frantic. totally panicked.  He told me to wait one second and ran upstairs.  Within ten seconds I heard him yell, "I found him!".
There he was.  Hiding in the corner of our closet.  All three adults had searched there already- dumping out laundry baskets-checking drawers.  The lighting is minimal (the flash lights it up more than usual) and he was shoved in that corner pretty tight- with no feet or hands or face showing.  The little rascal.  I guess he'd run in there to hide from Kent earlier in the week so he knew it was his new 'favorite' spot.  I haven't been that scared in a long time. I'm glad that Kent showed up when he did.

Raising kids is really stressful- and it's really hard work.  And sometimes it's pretty monotonous and unrelenting.  Let's just hope it's all worth it in the end :)  I'm glad my parents worked as hard as they did on me!  thanks, mom and dad.  Does it get any easier?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

our week in blurry pictures

 At least every other day Zeb asks: "Mom, is summer over yet? When can summer be over?"  This kiddo is definitely related to me!  Luckily August has been really nice-but still hot enough to play in the water and go to SONIC!  There are two dangerously located Sonics here. One less than a mile from our place (and across the street from the splash pad) and the other right next to the gym.  I don't even stand a chance.

The boys always want to get out and sit at the tables.  We went for family home evening one week and saw a girl on her skates crash HARD with a big tray full of food.  Zeb just kept asking why she was wearing the skates in the first place!
Blue coconut slushes and corn dogs. Life does not get any better.  Unless you get a sprite zero with limes and grape flavoring.  That's my regular favorite.
And here are the boys playing the new 'Cars 2' DS game that gramps and nannie annie sent back with Taylor and Laney.  Zeb LOVES it.  and as much as I promised to not be the mom of a kiddo with a gaming device- I LOVE THE DS (we got it at a yard sale WITH games for fifteen bucks!!).  Such great leverage!!  he gets his 'play minutes' after his reading and writing time- plus it works as a great threatening tool!!  I can threaten to take his minutes away and get him to do just about anything in record time :)  Such a great parenting tool, right?!
Thanks Gramps and Nannie Annie!!!
We are just keeping busy with regular stuff.  Zeb starts preschool in two weeks (we are doing a coop with a bunch of friends)and while he is ecstatic- Ike is going to be devastated!

 I'm adjusting to kent's schedule finally. We had it really easy for awhile there and now things are picking up! Luckily he goes back to easy hours next week again. This whole residency thing has been just about what I expected so far.  Kent loves what he is doing and a majority of his rotations this year are clinic hours so he gets to be home pretty frequently.  I'm pretty sure he's felt more stressed than I have the past few months, though :)  I'm certain that being a first time real doctor is more intimidating than just about anything you could imagine!!  but he's amazing with rugrats and hasn't even almost killed anyone yet!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

 The Carriage Hill Metropark is literally right up the road from our house (and it's free)! They've got a real 'working' 1880s farmhouse!  with woodworking, cooking, sewing, and other demos- plus farm animals wandering around :)

The kiddos especially loved the play kitchen and schoolhouse.  Zeb spent quite awhile making and passing out cookies.
Zeb couldn't believe that these speckled chickens were real.  He couldn't grasp why they looked the way they did.
In the mock school house they also had this GIANT stuffed cow.  We'd spent a long morning outside so I was pooped and couldn't resist flopping down on the (gross and germy)thing.

 My absolute favorite part of the farm was the penny candy store.  A real live penny candy store!  With 3 cent candies.  We ate ourselves silly. Like two dollars worth.  If you come and visit- we'll take you! They have pin wheels and charleston chews!!!

Both boys insisted on getting pixie sticks. And neither had a good reaction.

 and two more shots of the grown up kid.  He's a keeper.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

back in blogging business.

 Apparently- our computers only last four years. And one move.   But- we are back up and running with our first laptop ever.  We're moving along the technology spectrum :)

And now I've got so much blogging to catch up on.  And so many pictures.  I'll have to just start with today's adventures.

I really really love Dayton.  I will always miss Toledo and the friends I made there- but I'm finally finding my niche here and am perfectly happy.  The people, the ward, the YMCA, the parks, the area- ALL of it.  This is a really great place to live!!  I'm not sure why I am so lucky to have found such a perfect place all over again!

This weekend we decided to go exploring.  I love moving to a new place and finding all of the greatnesses (is that a word?).

Today was our outdoor day and started with a hike to Charleston falls.  This fabulous place is all of fifteen minutes from our house and was beautiful!!  A definite visitor attraction.
According to online pictures- the falls are usually bigger.  The rugrats loved them nonetheless!  This place must be stunning in the fall. I can't wait.

This kid is not in the best picture taking stage. That cheesy grin is pretty goofy looking.

Along the trail we found all sorts of fabulous insects.  Zeb stumbled upon a little caterpillar and was very excited.

We also saw some HUGE spiders and webs.

My favorite part of the day was the cave.  These little boys lost all sense of adventure and bravery the minute I put my hand in a bundle of spider webs and shrieked.  I didn't mean to spook the rugrats- but from that point on they were TERRIFIED.  Spooky spider webs and dark caves did not make for happy boys.  But it did make for laughing and tormenting parents.

See Zeb trying to escape my grasp?
Then Kent went far enough into the cave that the boys couldn't see him and they were beside themselves sobbing and screaming.  While I took pictures and laughed.

The hike actually had some hills and bodies of water, surprisingly.  By the time we were headed back to the car the kids were EXHAUSTED- but they did really well considering it was getting hot.  They only asked to be held a few times!  But Zeb did keep complaining that his legs just felt 'soooo slow'.

 They were even pretty good to smile/pose for the camera occasionally.
 Zeb made us carry this huge rock forEVER.

 The only other tears occurred when Zeb was trying to be Superman with this tree. He let go of the trunk and it came flying up into his face. It was pretty sad.
 After the falls we visited a local 1880s working farm.  Those pictures will have to wait.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We aren't dead- it's just our computer! It's ill and driving me bonkers!! We can do ANYthing except sign into blogger! How is that possible? I can read blogs- watch tv shows- anything else. It's making me crazy!! So this blogging is happening through my I- touch. Super annoying.
Hopefully we get a new computer soon!

Monday, August 8, 2011


 Zeb has been SO excited this past week awaiting the arrival of Henry.  He had planned the sleepover and was even excited to take Henry to church with him.  We totally lucked out that the Hawes found much cheaper plane tickets flying out of Dayton than they did flying out of Buffalo. They came and spent the weekend with us before flying out to Utah- and will be heading back this way on their way home!
 And having visitors gave me reason to try out one of the three famous bakeries here!  We'd tried one last week famous for cupcakes and I wasn't all that impressed.  I don't love cupcakes, though.  This time, however, we tried out 'Ele Bakery' and tested a variety of their brownies. I LOVED them.  I promise to have these waiting for any other visitors as well :)  You won't be disappointed!  I'll even take orders. german choclate, cream cheese, mint, buttercream, peanut butter, turtle, and more!
 Besides the occasional tears, the weekend was great.  Milly hates when other people cry so she cried any time any one else did.
 and Henry happened to be the pour soul that Ike decided to torment.  I think that Ike likes to see people cry :)
 Honestly- we all had a lot of fun.
 I wanted to get some cute pictures of milly- but she's such a mover.  Most pictures are a little blurry!
Or she  looks too much like a boy :)  Check out her chunk. Laney's kids are so chunky for the first year!
She's definitely getting more personality.  She was CRAZY at church.  Trying to sit through church with a 13 month old is IMPOSSIBLE.  I forgot.
 And speaking of church- It never ceases to amaze me how much people think laney and I look so much alike.  Several people at church were extremely confused! even with completely different hair- and clothes- we still get mixed up by people!!