Tuesday, July 29, 2014

more adventures...

Japanese peaches are DELICIOUS.  so tasty I can't believe it.  They are mostly white flesh and the most perfect combination of sweet with just a hint of tart alongside the absolute perfect texture.  Not mushy and not stringy.   I could eat a dozen a day.
Other tasting adventures have not been so pleasant.  Kent got me some 'chicken' for dinner that ended up being intestines.  I just thought it had the flavor of car upholstery and the texture of soft cardboard.  I had no idea what I was eating,
I'm so excited to be in a new place where I can take pictures!!  I can't tell you how much I enjoy taking pictures of fun and exciting places and things!

Last night for 'family home evening' (every monday night family night with an activity and spiritual message) we ventured into the mountains just a few kilometers from base!  Our night was so much fun.  Somehow- the atrocious heat took a break for the day and the park was empty besides us.

A giant roller slide down the mountainside! the size of this slide is hard to imagine.  it covers a mountainside. literally.
 we took cookie sheets to enhance the riding experience and were glad for them.  I took a ride without anything to sit on and my bottom is a little sore today :)
the slide has meter markers- and I think it went to 300.
 Here's Zeb making a run for the top again!  it was a pretty decent trek up that mountain over and over!
 metta was a little nervous waiting for her brothers to appear.
 The completeness of green in the mountains is pretty amazing.  Down closer to base- there are lots of trees- but nothing like in the mountains!

 besides the insane slide- there's an entire wooden obstacle course where the boys trained to become ninja warriors.  It was pretty awesome.  and we only had one injury.

 Having EVERYthing written in Japanese Kanji and lettering can be pretty overwhelming! Kent loves it.  It pushes him to learn more.  It terrifies me.
 This last picture is so everybody can see our awesome new van! 2000 honda odyssey.  800 dollars!  we are considering getting a little car for kent to take to work on rainy days, as well!  our hope is to spend 500 dollars or less :)  cheap cars on base are abundant!  it's like a giant car yard sale!  pretty exciting.

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