Friday, July 31, 2009

this is DIVINE

If you don't like rich rich chocolate- then this is NOT for you. I LOVED it. They (I got it off the pioneer woman's website) call it baked fudge- but that is not a good name for it at all. Maybe "rich and gooey chocolate bake" is a better name. It comes out with a hard crusty top- and gooey soft center. Not runny like molten cake- but gooey like half cooked brownie batter.
This picture is from the internet. Mine is a little different.

2 eggs
1 c white sugar
2 tbs flour
2 heaping tbs cocoa
1/2 c butter (I did cut out about 2 tbs of the butter)
1 tsp vanilla

beat the eggs until fluffy (about two minutes). Add in the sugar and beat it some more. Then add all of the other ingredients and blend well.

Pour the batter into four ramekins (or pyrex baking dishes or whatever oven safe dishes you have). Place them in another baking dish that is half full of water.

bake at 325 for 50 minutes. A toothpick inserted in the middle should come out gooey- but not runny. If it doesn't look ready- give it a few more minutes (5-10). I took mine out of the water for the last five-seven minutes and they sprouted up. They ended up being insanely DELICIOUS so I'll probably do that again.

It was really so warm and so good.

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