Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Sunday we had miss Metta's baby blessing.  We are so glad that Kent's family could be here and that Grandpa Brent could help out!  Grandma Pat got metta her lovely outfit- and M held Metta ALL day Sunday so I didn't have to :)   I'm pretty sure that was my favorite part of the five day visit! I didn't have to change a single diaper or take care of a fussy baby even once!! thanks, guys!!

We got a pretty good family picture Sunday before church.  I can't believe I'm an adult. 31 yrs old. 3 wonderful kiddos. A perfect husband with a great job. My own minivan!   life is good. really really good.

Zeb loves to 'hold' metta. It's always a little treacherous.
Here's Metta showing her disdain for Kent.  I've never had a kid that preferred me over their dad.  In actuality she really does like Kent- but she loves me. She stares at me when I talk. She loves when I smile at her.  She's definitely a momma's girl.
Metta had just sneezed in this shot and was prepping for another one.  I had slobber all over my face.
Grandpa Brent and Grandma Pat!   thanks again for being here with us!!
and auntie M.  She's the fun one- the one all of the cousins love- and Metta was no exception. M got her laughing like we've never heard before!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the falls and water

 the weather was PERFECT last week.  Low 80s  and low humidity. My favorite kind of summer.

On friday we went to charleston falls for a little hike with M and the grandparents! I totally forgot my camera because I came straight from teaching a class- but M brought along hers so I stole her pics.
the boys were a little hesitant about entering the 'cave' but eventually agreed to take a picture with grandma pat at the "very front" .
the falls are still pretty puney- but at least there was a trickle. 
After the falls we went to the Officer's Club on base for lunch.  We hadn't ever been- and it was pretty cool.

Then at home we pulled out the slip n slide.  The boys LOVE when Kent joins in.  He gets pretty crazy.
Ike can barely clear the jump at the end of the slide-
but Kent uses it to catch some pretty impressive air. and then belly flops onto the grass. Looked pretty painful to me!

best summer toy buying tip: buy at the end of the season for next year. slip n slide= 3 dollars!! kiddie pool= 1 dollar!!
apparently our sunscreen is pretty darn waterproof.  the water just rolled off their faces!! and they looked a little like ghosts :)
metta enjoyed watching the festivities.  She is turning out to be not so much of a baby anymore. She has TWO teeth and is sleeping through the night- FINALLY!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2nd street market and BUGS :)

On thursday of vacation week- Kent's parents and sister melynda flew into to town and we went into true vacation mode! all sorts of crazy fun.   Visitors make life so much fun.  lots of reasons to eat good food- do fun things- and stay up late!

2nd street market is another Dayton gem. It's a fabulous market downtown full of fun shops- and really really great original food!  Zeb and Ike had all natural cookies and cream ice pops.

ike makes the weirdest faces ALL of the time.  and his double chin always pops up with the faces.

Kent and I were most excited for 'cheeky meat pies' at the market.  It's a little shop with New Zealand and Australian meat pies.  They did not disappoint.  Sweet potato fries with a 'brekkie pie'.  Brekkie stands for breakfast :)

At the end of every day- waaaay past the kiddos bedtime- we'd sit on the back deck and let the boys catch fireflies!  I love Ohio. and the weather has been so pleasant.  But don't ask me if I love this place on thursday when the heat index throws us up to 108. I may die.

Can you see the little firefly here?  The boys are surprisingly adept at catching these critters with their bare hands.
and they are really good at being zombies.

Monday, June 25, 2012

vacay part one.

 I feel like we've been on a mini vacation all month since Kent is on his community medicine rotation!  it's usually full of days in local schools- but since school is out- he's just got a lot of free days. Pure heaven!!

True vacation technically started Monday- which also happened to be international sushi day.  So we celebrated in true family fashion.

Zeb and Ike had light saber battles with chopsticks-

and we had sushi. 

 It comes from this great place called fusian. The place is AMAZING.  really well priced- and quite tasty. without fish :)  chicken- strawberrries!- cream cheese-cucumbers-carrots- tempura- avocado- and some fabulous sweet sauces for dipping. If you come to Dayton- we'll take you there for sure :)  They even have a famous pb&j roll! I can't wait to try it!!

we also made a stop at mcd's for their 59 cent cones.

 we've also been working on 'school books'. Zeb is doing math and Ike is doing preschool stuff like letters/matching/opposites, etc.  they are so cute working together.  
and we got to spend a few days with some great pals- the wright brothers.  Their mom had cub scout day camp with two of her boys- and we took the other two.  Zeb and ike were in HEAVEN!  We went to Ikea in cincy for 'kids eat free' day and had a blast.
 Zeb and his pal ethan had a little tea party.
 and we went to Jungle Jims.  Holy smokes. this place was CRAZY. a must for all ohioans. It's the weirdest grocery store EVER.
They have a row dedicated to almost every country.  I got some great Russian stuff and Kent got some Brazilian stuff.
 they have lots of weird displays and tons of weird cheeses.
Metta slept and ate and smiled a lot.  I'm so lucky she made a turn from world's worst to world's best baby.  this is her favorite place to nap. between the back of the couch and the top of the couch cushion.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ode to ralph

that's what I call Kent.

Happy Father's Day to the world's greatest husband!

This year has been the most exhausting of Kent's life.  He's suffered physically, emotionally, mentally- and in every other possible way I'm sure! Long hours, board exams, new (bad) baby, exhausted and emotional wife, crazy out of control yard :),  stressful days, sleepless nights, and much much more to add to the madness.

And honestly- truly- I can say he's been the one to smile through it all. He listens to me complain about how hard he's working and then rubs my sore muscles so I can fall asleep. He takes all the night shifts with a crying metta- plays with the kids so hard they laugh themselves to sleep- takes them to fathers and sons even after a long day at work followed immediately by another long day at work- scrubs the sinks and toilets- empties the dishwasher ( I HATE emptying the dishwasher)-  weed wacks the jungle- fixes sunday dinners- folds ALL of the laundry ALL of the time- brings home pizza so I don't have to cook- stays home with kids so I can go out on runs- and somehow still loves me and is happiest when he's home!!  sounds to me like he got the bad end of this deal :)

Kent values and loves the kids and me more than any other worldy thing.  And not only does he love us- he takes care of us.  I am so grateful for a father to my rugrats who I can count on and trust wholeheartedly.  For a husband who is my best friend.

Friday, June 15, 2012


When Kent has his uniform on- Metta is mesmerized. She loves something about the camo pattern.  

and she LOVES Zeb and Ike.  They love to try and maker her giggle.

 We went to the Splash pad today- and I don't mean to be a party pooper- but I really don't like summer.  At one hour I was totally maxed out. completely miserable. and we went home.  I just don't like the sun!  I slathered myself with sunscreen- and I still got burned. On my knees.  Just my knees.

 The boys had fun, though.

Here's Ike with his best pal, Ava. He LOVES her.  He's constantly telling me how much he misses her. 
 Metta has had a terribly hard time napping lately.  She isn't really crying or grumpy- she just can't stay asleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. At night- she's wonderful. Last night she slept ten straight hours.  But during the day- it's rough.
 She's just recently found her feet and she is rather happy about the discovery.  Here she is SUCKING on her big toe.

 She's so dang cute.  and even without naps- she's a happy baby.
 albeit very very slobbery.
 and she makes the CUTEST sad face.  Is it terrible that Kent and I make loud noises and growl at her just so we can see the face?!
 Oh- and she got a tooth today.  Not even four months old!  it's way too early if you ask me.  No wonder she's chewing on her toes.