Monday, June 11, 2012

the week's headshots.

 every blog post needs cute pictures of metta.
everywhere we go people comment about how alert she is.  They always make some statement about how she's really watching what's going on around her.  It's all because of her crazy eyes.
 she really does always have them wide open and staring.

 this past weekend was a 'golden weekend'. that means kent had both saturday and sunday off. it doesn't happen often- so we try to take advantage when it does!  we decided to head out to Yellow springs to the 'yellow springs street fair'.

Yellow Springs is this quaint little crazy hippie town. It really is nutso.  The fair was outrageous. Tie-dye and 'legalize marijuana' petitions on every corner.  It was voted the #1 people watching fair.  I wanted to get pictures of all the crazies we saw- but only ended up with a few.  I was too busy wrangling children!

and speaking of children- we totally stuck out like sore thumbs.  We were so average looking- and the fair people were anything but average :)  Plus- our family was too big.  A couple of ladies walked past Kent while he was with the kiddos and one of them said to the other: "are ALL three of those kids his?!  I think they are!" and then they gasped.

Here's a tie-dye mullett.  Pretty cool.

and there were some pretty awesome art cars.  I miss the ones from toledo!   Zeb was fascinated by the toy covered one.  He walked around it several times and kept finding favorite characters.

of course- we found yoda.

we found a ken doll and prince eric. I'm not sure what's going on here.
the boys' favorite part of the day was the crazy bus ride we took to the fair. We parked far away and rode the 'shuttle' in and out of town.  They both kept telling us how much they loved the bus ride.

and, of course, the treats.  Cotton candy and italian ice.
it was pretty hot and humid.  the cotton candy was melting.

Metta likes the heat and sun about as much as I do. She tried to sleep the day away.
until she had a poo explosion and lost her pants.

also this weekend we did some firefly catching. Zeb is quite the little entomolygist. He caught three. with his bare hands!  Every night at dusk we have zillions of them in our backyard!  It really is amazing!!
 and some more metta pictures. she gets better and better every day.
 and she thinks her brothers are so funny (looking).
 she totally looks like boy in her white onsies.
 and she's totally teething. this poor girl can't figure out what's going on with her mouth!!


Philip Oswald said...

Great pics. I miss these little people.

Annie O said...

Cute pics but I want to know why every one of your blogs has to have some scatological reference in it?

What's up with that?

Kent and Leisy said...

it's just for you mom.

yaya said...

Every one of your "millions" of children are adorable..people would have more if they were like yours! But I just LOVE Metta's's going to be gorgeous when it's all grown in with it's firery red glory!

Laney said...

Is that orange striped shirt from target? With a red car on it? Henry has the same one.

Michelle said...

You guys always find such cool things to do. You ARE troopers to bring 3 kids around with ya everywhere you go! haha.

LOVE Metta's "alert" eyes. She's a beauty. I really like seeing all the pictures. That fair looked pretty crazy!