Friday, June 15, 2012


When Kent has his uniform on- Metta is mesmerized. She loves something about the camo pattern.  

and she LOVES Zeb and Ike.  They love to try and maker her giggle.

 We went to the Splash pad today- and I don't mean to be a party pooper- but I really don't like summer.  At one hour I was totally maxed out. completely miserable. and we went home.  I just don't like the sun!  I slathered myself with sunscreen- and I still got burned. On my knees.  Just my knees.

 The boys had fun, though.

Here's Ike with his best pal, Ava. He LOVES her.  He's constantly telling me how much he misses her. 
 Metta has had a terribly hard time napping lately.  She isn't really crying or grumpy- she just can't stay asleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. At night- she's wonderful. Last night she slept ten straight hours.  But during the day- it's rough.
 She's just recently found her feet and she is rather happy about the discovery.  Here she is SUCKING on her big toe.

 She's so dang cute.  and even without naps- she's a happy baby.
 albeit very very slobbery.
 and she makes the CUTEST sad face.  Is it terrible that Kent and I make loud noises and growl at her just so we can see the face?!
 Oh- and she got a tooth today.  Not even four months old!  it's way too early if you ask me.  No wonder she's chewing on her toes.


yaya said...

Oh my gosh..that last Metta face is's one that should be entered in a contest or something! I think she's like most woman...just loving a man in uniform!

Amber and Travis said...

I have never seen her cry, but this pouty face is adorable!

And I am the opposite...I LOVE the sun!

M- your favorite said...

Yes it is mean to scare baby! But the picture is very cute! I can't wait just a few more days.

Michelle said...

Love those cute kiddos!