Monday, February 22, 2010

dinner. strong man. bobblehead boy.

Ahhh. blasted dinner. It sneaks up on me everyday! I'm a lover of breakfast for dinner and almost made my sour cream blueberry pancakes again- but opted for a more well rounded meal.  This lovely dinner came straight out of my head. My recipe. My ingredients. My ideas. Although I'm rather certain there's nothing original about it.
I would have gone all vegetarian but a meal isn't a meal without meat for Kent.  We ate it with whole wheat english muffins.
3 medium potatoes baked and then squared.  
lay out potatoes in pan
cover them with this mixture:
5 eggs.
1/4 c milk
1/4 c sour cream
bunch of spinach chopped
onion and garlic powder, s and p to taste
cheese ( I used very little- but I think 1-2 cups would be fine)
1/2 pack (1/2 lb) ground sausage with an onion.
sprinkle on top of  potato mixture.
top with quartered cherry tomatoes.
cook for 1 hourish on 350.

It was tasty.  I would definitely recommend ketchup, though.

Ike is older by the day. He tried desperately all day to pick up and move this table around our front room. It was really funny. He kept getting so frustrated and shrieking.  That's his typical day. Frustration (due to an inability to communicate, or a push from his brother, or just plain crankiness) leading to shrieking.
And today there were lions at the gym says Zeb. He told me they say "raaaaawr" and they're "creepy". I asked him about the jellyfish and apparently they've moved on.  I think this picture is really funny.  His head looks ginormous. The only natural light I can use lately is in the corner of our front room by our sliding door. I'm trying to learn about my camera in that small space.  It's the one reason I wish winter would come to end- I just want to get outside so I can figure out my camera more.


Annie O said...

Great pic of Zeb's head! Hey, I've gone back to my blog so check it out and leave a comment so I don't feel like a moron because nobody cares.

Thanks. I feel better.

Love ya.

Michelle said...

Oh my ... that dinner concoction looks and sounds awesome!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Thanks for sharing!

I am totally cracking up about Ike trying to move that table. That is so hilarious. Bless his shrieking little heart!

What a strange pic. Zeb's head really DOES look like a bobble head ... like it's been cut and pasted onto a small body. hahaha. He has such a cute face and smile.

I love those boys!!!!