Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's a birthday miracle.

Both monkeys slept through the night- and I only got up once to check and make sure they were alive!  I think it was Ike's birthday present to me. It's his birthday today- and I've always been one to think that the mother should be the one who receiving gifts on birthdays.  I am, after all, the one who did all the hard work on this day last year.  I'm also the one (with some help from kent) who does the hard work keeping him alive day after day :). So, thanks for the present little man!

We are going to be having a small celebration tonight- but I thought I'd just post a little tribute to him now.

Little Ike- aka Friedrick, freddy, fred, ike, ikey poo, rugrat, monster baby, destroyer- is one year old!  Zeb's first birthday was so exciting and I looked forward to it for weeks! But Ike's kind of just snuck up on me. I think it's because with Zeb he wasn't walking yet and I thought for sure that upon turning one he'd just stand up and become ambulatory. Ike, on the other hand, has been ambulatory for months now and I kind of feel like he's been one for months already.
Ikey is very laid back, almost always happy, and easy to please. He loves to destroy things and finds great pleasure in making Zeb scream. His favorite foods are beans (black and kidney) and cheese.  And he loves more than anything else to be rocked to sleep at night by Kent.

Right now he has eight teeth, a constant runny nose, and lots of bruises on his head.  He loves to clap, wave, shout hooray, point, stomp his feet, and touch his head. He hates sitting still at church, being ignored, and getting the straight arm or an elbow from Zeb.

We love you little turkey- and it's a good thing because we can't return you anymore.


Linz said...

Happy Birthday to Ike!! He is so cute! And congrats on a whole night of sleep! Yea!!

Pat and Brent said...

Yes, happy birthday Ikey! We love you. Sure wish you were here. I asked Kent if he was turning 2. He has been walking for a long time and he's such a smarty - quietly driving his older brother mad.

Hope you get many more nights of solid sleep.

M- your favorite said...

I for sure thought his Birthday was on the 2nd? WIERD?!? Anyways Happy Happy birthday. What a smart and cute little guy! Kids are soooooooo much fun! So today give him an extra kiss from me. I guess you can give him extra's everyday- but today make it a big one! :)

yaya said...

Ike's a cutie for sure and a big Happy Birthday from YaYa and PawPaw... Now, I'm assuming you send your wonderful Mom a gift on your birthday???

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Ike! He's such a cutie! I can't believe a year has gone by already.

Amy and Craig said...

I'm with you, maybe WE should get presents on our kids bdays! I wouldn't begrudge my mom a gift on my bday each year!