Friday, February 28, 2014

The girl with two birthdays. and A TON of pictures.

 I think we are going to just have a double celebration every year!  Because her birth day doesn't actually exist most years- it creeps up on me. suddenly I wake up and it's february 28th. and tomorrow is already March! and her birthday disappeared somewhere in between.

Here's a wrap up of some of her most hideous moments of last year.  Most of them are cell pics.  Her first year of life was ROUGH. LOTS of crying.  She was a bad baby.  So I sent cell phone pictures to Kent often so he could see just how difficult she was.  I've continued to send the ridiculous pictures during her SECOND year of life.  Kent needs to see what we do every day- right?  this year- there have been far more smiles :)

there are a ton!

Zeb doesn't believe me that these are even pics of metta!  he says he can't remember her looking like this!

 Her hair was so nappy and boyish for awhile there!

she still likes to shriek.  But- all of my kids like to shriek sometimes.

she just looks so darn little here.  She's definitely grown up.

her hair finally got long enough for pigtails right in the middle of summer.   thank heavens!!  
she loves to eat EVERYthing.  definitely my best eater.
she's my only kiddo to NOT be terrified of Halloween decor.  Here's hoping I can scare her next year!

She's got the VERY best tears of any of my kids.  Such big crocodile tears.  Since she was born!

In some ways she is SO different than her brothers.  She loves to wear accessories. loves shoes and clothes, too.
But in some ways- she's exactly the same.  Active, loud, and a little bit of a rascal.  

She's crazy rashy, here!  but has actually been our healthiest of the kiddos.  She rarely gets sick.
Her little red piggies get us stopped daily.  People LOVE them and she LOVES that people give her attention for them.

Sometimes I feel like she's the toddler version of a cat lady.  I've got to keep her hoarder/cat lady tendencies in check. 
She sleeps with 13 creatures/dolls.  I counted.  And she wants to lug them all around with her wherever we go.  I usually only let her bring one or two.
She still really loves her binky.  But I love it, too.  It will go after our big move this summer.  We'll need it for our international flights :)

It can be really hard to parent this age of kiddo!!  right now metta thinks that pushing and hitting is a form of communication.  She doesn't even do it out of anger or frustration.  She'll just walk up to kids and slug them.  we're working on it.

this is her today.   proving that she has - in fact- turned two.  Colored all over her legs AND the walls.  way to go birthday girl.  She can NOT be trusted with ANY writing utensil.  We hide them and she finds them.  we throw them away and she goes dumpster diving.  She'll steal them at other people's homes and use red sharpie to color all over their walls and floors.  

Metta spaghetta is my redheaded rugrat.  She's really cool.  and I'm really happy that I have her.  Happy pseudo-birthday little leapling!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zeb is published!

I can only imagine that the more kids we add to this family- and the older they get- the exponentially busier we will become!  Sometimes I have those days where I feel like there's so much going on we can't even breathe!

Yesterday was one of those days!! 
 preschool drop off.
I taught a spin class.
preschool pick up.
grocery store milk run.
bus stop zeb pick up. 
piano lessons for zeb.
take Ike to Kent on base to take to swimming lessons.
take zeb to school for choir concert.
take Zeb to swimming lessons.
home. dinner. bed.

And I've only got two children who are in activities right now!!!

this metta is a food monster.  she finished off an entire pack of blackberries before we got to the register to pay for them!  she ate kent's shrimp this week, too.  ew ew ew.
and check this out.  She's so funny.  she loves grapes.  She'll pick them off the grape stem and then FREAK OUT.  because she's terrified of the stem.  She thinks its a spider or something.  

Last night was Zeb's choir concert.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be an elementary music teacher.  uggh.  

check out Zeb standing next to this girl.  He's a little short- but this girl is CRAZY tall.  I can't figure out how she's a first grader!!  

This week we also went to a 'publishing party' for him during school.  They've been working on becoming writers and published some of their favorite stories in a hard cover book!

 Some of his older writing samples were sent home that day as well.  this is my favorite story from the bunch. stop now if vomit makes you queasy :)

The first throw- up was transparent!  :)  And I did tell him to stay in the living room!  we have wood floors and I knew the clean up would be much easier than on carpet!

the 'sekint' throw up was red from gatorade, and luckily he made it into the big silver bowl :)
I think he's got a writing future ahead of him.  His writing makes me laugh every time.
I'm also impressed with how much his writing and spelling has improved.  This story is from the beginning of the year- and his current stories are already so much better.

and a final pic of Ike so he doesn't feel left out :)  these boys love swim lessons!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I owe a great big THANK-YOU!

I don't love to get sappy.  and I don't like to complain about things on social media.  But- without being too cryptic or overlydramatic- I'd just like thank my wonderful friends (and family!).  I've had a CrAzY week with some crazy beans stuff (don't worry- I'm fine!!) - and they have been nothing but wonderful and amazing.   I am surrounded by people who love me and who know the way to my heart is through gifts, food, and kind words!

is there anything mini cadbury eggs can't make better??!

 So a big fat THANK-YOU to every person who has been kind- whether or not you knew I needed it.  I am the luckiest girl around when it comes to friends!!

I got this 'anonymous' letter in the mail today.    There's no tricking me- I know who you are 'anonymous'!

(inside the card)
"And I LOVE that!"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

check this place out!!

my oh my.  I don't think I've blogged about the fact that we are moving to JAPAN.   I can't even believe it.  I am so excited I might die before the move happens.  One of our TOP reasons for joining the Air Force was so that we could have amazing opportunities to SEE THE WORLD!!   and ready or not- here we go.

We did A LOT of research on the surrounding areas of our top picks before we submitted our list.  And obviously- now we've done even more on the Tokyo area.  There is so much to see and do!!  There is so much to get excited about that I may burst.  Here are just a few of the reasons we can't wait!!

1. tokyo disneySEA.  apparently this place is more amazing than anything you've ever seen!!   it's not just a little waterpark- it's DisneySEA! plus- tokoyo disneyland itself sounds pretty fun

3.  the FOOD!!!  For Christmas I bought Kent and myself a sushi making class.  It hasn't happened yet- but will be even more fun now that we are going to JAPAN!!  kent loves sushi and sashimi and the like.  I am learning.   There will be plenty of opportunities for us to try lots of new foods and 'mature our palates'- I'm sure.  I already found a fabulous Brazilian restaurant in Tokyo, too.

3. mt. fuji.  You can see the mountain from base!  kent and I can't wait to hike it!  how amazing to be able to say we climbed mt. Fuji?    Plus- the japanese architecture and cherry blossoms are going to be pretty great.  I'm so excited to take pictures of EVERYTHING.

we'd REALLY REALLY love visitors!  I will NEED them, in fact!   We will be living on base- so we will have a lot of the comforts of 'home'. And there is a pretty decent sized ward (Mormon church congregation) on base- and I am so grateful for that!  It is pretty amazing that I can find an instant church family wherever on Earth we move! I'm sure I'll have playgroups, running partners, and great friends right away.  But even with all of those comforts- I WANT VISITORS!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

my list.

Our Valentine's Day weekend was BUSY! and just plain perfect!!!  I was partially in charge of the church Valentine's dance and it was SO MUCH FUN. I was worried that the big surprise snow storm and the snow party poopers would make it a flop!  but it really turned out fabulously.

We were busy all day Saturday as well- so I am just now getting around to my traditional 'loves list'.  14 of my current loves to remind myself just how lovely life is!
so here goes.

my loves.

1. I    Kent.  It's so easy to be me because of him.  I can't describe how lovely it is to go to bed and get up in the morning having him around.  Even if he isn't actually next to me when I fall asleep or wake up :)  My life is fulfilled because he is a part of it.

2. I    my mom and dad.  Daily I am grateful for my parents and how they raised me.  They taught me to be confident, happy, and kind.  They gave me the tools to find joy and success in everything that I do.  They exemplified a loving marriage and created the best developmental environment in every way.

3. I    my sisters.  they are my best friends. Laney has always been a built in best friend. She's still always the first person I call (after Kent!) if I have a ridiculous story or news of any sort.  My sister -Metta- is the glue of our separated family.  She's the one who 'gets' us all and can see the positives in each of us!  Daysa is my little Brazilian. She's there for 18 months as a missionary serving the Lord.  I'm grateful for the example she's giving my children.

4. I    facebook.  I know it isn't always used with the best of results - but I'm so grateful for the connections it makes and maintains.  Within hours of receiving our assignment to Japan- we were in contact with a TON of people living on the base and going to the church where we will be this summer!  I know that throughout our lives of moves and change- it will remain a place where we can stay connected.

5. I    snow.  this winter has been so darn wonderful.  Every morning that I wake up to a white wonderland I get excited.  Shoveling snow makes me happy.  cold air refreshes me.  I am so glad that we've had this last great winter in Ohio before shipping out!!  I hope it lasts just a little longer! in fact- I wouldn't mind a little snow on my birthday (March 21).

6. I    Chicken Tikka Masala and Coconut Curry chick peas.  Kent is such a chef.  and those are my very favorite foods he's been making as of late :)  I love that he experiments and creates in the kitchen!!

7. I   our ice maker. I actually checked and this was one of my loves last year! I must truly love it.  I'm really nervous about living somewhere without an ice maker.  There's nothing like perfectly freezing cold water during a spin class or when you are parched.

8. I   surprises.  as long as they are positive :)  I love building things up until they just about explode!   there's nothing more fun than knowing something is coming- but not knowing exactly what.  When Kent got the word on our moving assignment in the morning- I'm the one who forced him to keep it to himself all day until he came home.  I think it's been so exciting NOT knowing the gender of our babies before they were born.  the fact that surprises and anticipation tend to make other people a little crazy- makes it all the better for me!!

9. I     Dayton.  Oh, how I LOVE dayton. I guess it's the city itself AND the people.  The parks, the libraries, MEIJER!!, our church congregation, the trees,  the rolling country roads and cornfields. I love it ALL.  The friends I've made here are my favorite part.  I have the greatest of friends.  friends that make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.  Friends that are so familiar- they're like family.  and there are so many of them!!  it's going to be SO HARD to leave.

10. I   JAPAN.  It's this giant anticipatory love.  As I've been watching the Olympics- I get excited for the Japanese athletes!  I already feel an affinity for the people and the culture.   I love Russia so deeply- and I can't wait to feel that same way for Japan and the people there!!  Have I mentioned that I am SO EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

11. I    to run.  I really do.  I hope it will always be one of my passions. I get to wear fancy neon shoes while I do it. I get to develop friendships with running partners.  It gives me time away from my little munchkins.  It allows me to eat the treats I want :)  It's cheaper than retail therapy or regular therapy!  It's also great for my heart.  I don't think I can find a single thing to NOT love about running!

12. I   the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It's my church and it's so important to me.  It isn't about being a 'Mormon' or being religious.  It's about being a follower of Jesus Christ.  This is where the fullness of His gospel is found.  It is who I am.  and I love to talk about it!  and share it with people!  So- please- ask me questions!!  come to church with me!  let me know if you'd like to know more!!

13. I    the YMCA.  It's been such an important part of my life the past FIVE years!  I've loved the growth I've experienced as a teacher and a member of the Y.  The friendships I've made through the Y in Toledo and Dayton are some of my favorite in all of Ohio!!  I'm going to miss my bootcampers and spinners so so much.  ugh.  it's going to be hard to leave!!

14.  this one may be a cop out.  But I    life. I love MY life.  Sometimes I get nervous because it's too good.  I knock on wood a lot.  I cross my fingers.  I give many many prayers of gratitude.  I am so happy.