Sunday, February 9, 2014

plethora of pics.

we had a pretty stellar week last week.  Fun with friends, time with Kent, TWO snow days, and a birthday!  Kent even had a golden weekend (both saturday AND sunday off!!).

And I've got a few pretty funny cell phone pictures from our festivities.

Here's Metta surrounded by delicious food and she's eating playdough.  She's so weird.  Pretty great outfit, too.
Ike drinking his root beer.

Zeb went to a spy party for a friend and got this cool disguise.
The boys are in swim lesson at the YMCA.  Metta wants to get in the water SO badly.  we let her wear goggles and it keeps her busy for awhile.
this is such a hideously funny picture of her.  chubby cheeks.  gap between her teeth. wild hair.

she tried drinking out of this pop can for twenty minutes.  It was totally empty.
On friday- school was cancelled and Kent was home for the afternoon so we decided to finally celebrate Ike's birthday as a family.  He's been BEGGING to go to chuck e cheese for MONTHS.  In fact- it's about all he wanted for his birthday.   I tried to ignore his requests -hoping he'd forget about it eventually.  He never did- and was really disappointed when his day came and went with no chuck-e-cheese.  So- after the gym- we didn't tell the kids- we just drove straight there.  Ike was SO HAPPY.  I can't stand the place.  terrible tasting and overpriced pizza.  creepy animatronics.  dirty tokens and lousy games!!
Oh- and the ticket blaster.  I think it made them really nervous inside.  They got fifty tickets in 30 seconds- not too shabby.
But the kids had so much fun!!
check out Ike shoving tickets down his shirt!!!
This weekend we've been in Olympic overload.  We watched the opening ceremony with friends and stayed up way too late!  The kids even made it until 10:30. 
I LOVED the opening ceremonies.  They were замечательный!!
I thought the music was amazing! I loved the dancing, the displays, the parade of delegates, EVERYTHING.  I loved listening to the Russian language and seeing the culture shine through. 
I love Russia so very much and it's so exciting to see the country on display!  even the weirdness and their strange toilets :)  Russia is such a funny and fabulous place.

I do ABHOR watching the competition when people crash and fall and cry and are so terribly disappointed.  It kills me.  I have to change the channel.
 I just wish that everybody could win.

My last picture of the week.  The Indian Buffet.  We did a girls lunch with friends and wanted to go somewhere a little more exciting.  Maharaja did the trick. It was so much fun.  I actually laughed so hard that I got cheek spasms.  And look at all of this food!!  It was so fun trying a bunch of new stuff.  Kent has really pushed me outside of my 'tastebud comfort zone' and I've enjoyed a lot more 'new' foods in the past few years.

 Kent stayed home with a bunch of kids while I was out having fun.  He's such a great husband.  He sent me this pic during lunch.  Kiddos having a movie party.

 Let's hope this week is just as great but that we have NO MORE SNOW DAYS!!  I want the snow- but not the school cancellations!  at this rate we'll be in school until the 4th of July :)

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Annie Oswald said...

Great pix. You can NEVER post too many. I miss those kiddos! (and you too of course)

Keep posting and keep partying.

Nannie Annie