Tuesday, July 28, 2009

thanks mom! and two great summer meals.

I hate cooking dinner in the summer! especially since I was almost out of Mr. Yoshida's teriyaki sauce. Luckily mum sent me the the costco GALLON jug of it in the mail! thank you so much, mom! I can't believe it didn't explode on the way here- it was ginormous.

I'm posting two of my favorite summer meals. They are pretty basic- and pretty non original- but so fast/easy/delicious. They are perfect for summer.

honey mustard teriyaki avocado chicken sandwich. these are my favorite flavors EVER. this sandwich was so good that we had it two nights in row. I swear that ours were better than red robins.

chicken breast marinated in mr. yoshidas (or other teriyaki sauce) -sliced in half lengthwise so they are thin. We pounded them a little bit too so that they were super tender.
whole wheat buns ( I hate buying buns because we never eat them all and some go bad- but I've started packing them in ziploc bags in twos and freezing them)
avocado thinly sliced
tomato thinly sliced
red onion sliced
honey mustard sauce - I make my own with sour cream/mustard/honey. It is really good.

Just grill up your chicken (we did it stovetop) broil/toast your buns and voila. Best sandwich EVER.

bbq chicken quesadillas
I thought I came up with this all on my own- but apparently Wolfgang Puck makes them too.

any cheese you've got
red onions
bbq (sweet baby rays hickory and brown sugar) chicken (made mine in a crock pot)
put them all in your tortillas and make em up! we are lucky enough to have a quesadilla maker (thanks laney and taylor!!) but you can do them in a pan too.
top with:
avocado (we made our into guac)
ranch or sour cream
fresh salsa


Cynthia said...

i so want to make the teriyaki chicken. That looks sooo good!

Emilee said...

Delicious! My mouth is watering.

Nate and Jessica said...

Please inform your mother that I also live in Ohio and need some sauce.

Annie O said...

Jessica Robin: If you'll promise to leave up some Christmas decoration in a public place in your home, I'll send you some too.