Friday, July 10, 2009

busy busy busy

We had so much going on today and I'm exhausted so I only have time to post some of our adventures. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

We had a little swim party with some friends here at the pool today. I wish I would have gotten some more pictures of everybody!

The humidity has increased quite a bit and it was really nice to get in the water. Here's Zebby lounging poolside with his pal ellie (who decided she needed to go shirtless for the day--possibly to match zeb?!).and here's the turkey doing his "kick, kick, kick". He'd sit backwards like this all day if I'd let him. He just wants to kick his feet around in the water but they don't quite reach when he hangs them over the edge while sitting.Zeb has such wonderful friends here in Toledo- it makes me worry for when we have to move! When we are at home he is constantly talking about them and asking to play with them. The other night he was yelling out their names at three in the morning.

I think he must have a special place in his heart for ellie, though. When they are at the same place they are nearly inseparable- although often at each others' throats and fighting over something.

Ike was getting restless by the pool so I tilted his stroller against a bench, put him in it, and voila!- he was DEAD asleep in ten seconds.


M- your favorite said...

You have the best baby! Look at how cute he is! I am loving his chubbs! Cutest thing! What can you say about Zeb? But love him!

Cynthia said...

that is a really cute picture of Zeb and Ellie. I love how Zeb is crossing his legs. And Ike really did fall asleep in 10 seconds. I saw it with my own eyes.

Alison said...

I makes me so sad to think of us going our separate ways in 2 years. Ellie is going to be devastated.