Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more water pics.

I'm always finding something new and fabulous here in Toledo. Today we went (thanks to a bunch of guest passes) to the JCC/YMCA outdoor pool for playgroup. It was PERFECT. They have the most wonderful little kiddie pool that's all fenced in and separate from the regular pool. it was so nice. The water is waist level for all of the kiddos- and there are buckets of water toys to play with. Plus- the kiddie pool has it's own lifeguard to keep watch on our rugrats.

We stayed for almost three hours and Zeb was in heaven. He had soooo many friends to play with- and lots of space for when he didn't want to play with anyone at all :)

We don't have a Y pass- but once winter rolls around and I can't run outside anymore I may be getting one. You can't beat the cheap student price (17ish/mo) that includes FREE childcare!


Michelle said...

That looks so nice! What are Zeb and his friend doing in that bottom pic? Showing their muscles?

He is getting so big!!!

Kent and Leisy said...

michelle- they are pretending to be cold! and he is getting sooo big. it's crazy!

M- your favorite said...

Looks like a ton of fun! How is the weather? Does little Ike like to swim also?

Michelle said...

Oh. hahahaha. For SURE. So cute!