Wednesday, July 8, 2009

brown bag lunch concert downtown!

For playgroup we went to the downtown library's brown bag lunch concert. They had a band for kids that involved all sorts of singing and dancing. Too bad both my rugrats were hot and tired! The weather wasn't even bad, either. The humidity has been unseasonably low for this time of year but Zeb kept turning to me and telling me he was hot. Luckily we found some drains (and shade) for him and he ended up having some fun.

I know this next picture is pretty lame-o- but I bet these kids walked on this drain around the tree for twenty minutes. Zeb wouldn't even raise his eyes up for me to snap a picture. He was so focused on the drain.

He also found this pencil and was over the moon about it. He sure loves his writing utensils. And at least I got a picture of them both smiling. It is a nigh impossible shot to get.

Ike sure is growing up. I swear that I when I returned from girls' camp- he was a different baby. He is such a happy cute fatso of a kid. Did I mention that he's sleeping 13 hours a night?! I haven't had this much good sleep since before I was pregnant with zeb!

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Laney said...

ike is real cute in that picture.