Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2

Getting out of the house is a much bigger deal for me than it is for Leisy. Leisy can whip up breakfast, gather everything she needs for herself and the two boys for the entire day, and get out the door around the same time I'm leaving for school. Zeb did sleep in a little bit longer than normal today, but I still took much longer than Leisy to get ready and direct Zeb to the car with my arms full. I decided to explore Wildwood park. I know Leisy has a place in her heart for Swan Creek park, but Wildwood is AMAZING!! Leisy took these pictures a few weeks ago of the park (I think she already posted them as well - oh well). It is beautiful. I ran for about 45 minutes through amazing, neon-green folliage with all sorts of comments about a crazy guy running with 2 little boys.

Zeb played on the playground by himself and had a great time. This little kid isn't a baby anymore!! I loved being with him all day long and noticing his little antics. He is going to be the class clown - he loves being silly and making anyone around him giggle (even if it's just himself). Ike was a champ during the run and even enjoyed swinging afterward. He mostly just sucked his thumb and fingers the whole time - he refused the binky. I think teeth are on their way.

The boys took great naps again today which allowed me to commence project deep clean. I did my superficial cleaning yesterday, now it's time to get serious. I started on the laundry room. Moved the washer and dryer to sweep and mop, organized the shelving, and did some badly needed de-junking. I also spent plenty of time on Pandora internet radio (my new obsession). Zeb and Ike are getting their fair share of classical music and opera while mom is away!

After naps we went to the store to play with toys. Why are toys so much more fun at the store than at home? Zeb ran around the store like an uncaged monkey. I should have been concerned but it was Walmart. Everyone acts like that at Walmart.

I think my very favorite time of the day is putting Ike to sleep. I'm not sure why - maybe it's because that is my normal responsibility. I love to cradle him when I feed him, make him giggle when he is tired, sing to him, and watch his little eyes unsuccessfully fight off sleep. He's spoiled. Zeb never got this preferential treatment. We just put him in his crib and he rolled over to sleep. I'm a crazy baby lover and Ike is already getting too mobile for my liking. I just want him to stay 5 months old for a few more months. Is that too much to ask??

I miss Leisy. I'm sure you all miss her posts. Mine will have to suffice until she gets back.


Michelle said...

"Everyone acts like that at Walmart."


Kent - I think I actually snorted a couple of times while reading this. SO funny!

I am dying with you and your cleaning obsessives ... I MISS YOU!! Marissa is always telling me ... "Jeez, Mom - it doesn't have to look/be/whatever perfect!!" I need backup, man.

I can't wait to meet cute little mellow Ikey and laugh and giggle with Zebby-roo and his cool tricks.

I LOVE Leisy posts ... but, it's really good to hear from you every so often too. :)

tiff said...

i agree people do act like uncaged monkeys at walmart thats one reason why i HATE going there

i love your posts

will you come clean my place please please please??????

Cynthia said...

We do miss Leisy- but you are doing a great job posting!

Pat and Brent said...

Hi Kent,
being Mom and Dad sounds like alot of fun. You always keep busy don't you. Have a great 4th. We miss you.
Love Dad

M- your favorite said...

Kent- that is FUNNY!! I also laughed out loud at the "Everyone acts like that at Walmart"
I swear all the Millers have a cleaning problem- we sure do love our deep cleaning. :)

Pat and Brent said...

I wish I could cuddle little Ikey and laugh and laugh at Zeb. It's really HARD having you guys so far away! I love all your posts - makes you seem a little closer.
Love you guys.