Saturday, July 11, 2009

waaay too many cute pictures of zeb the cow.

I hope everybody has been checking out my "free stuff" section to the right! Last night we dressed up like a family of cows and went to get free dinner at "Chik-fil-a" with some ward friends! It was so much fun.
I had totally spaced that I had a cow costume in our halloween box until yesterday afternoon. When I went to get it out of storage I realized that I had bought TWO because they were so cheap (2.97 at the gap!) so we gave one to Ellie to wear.

Zeb loved watching the big cows from a distance. These two look like the "Chik-fil-a" baby calves.
Here is the zebster trying desperately to get away from the giant cows. Sorry about my strange neck bone/muscle. I was trying to not drop zeb while also putting my arm around the mom cow. Zeb was a mad cow.I can't believe how much free food we got. Each of us got free combo meals! Mine would have been 7.39. Zeb loved his chicken nuggets and cow toy- but mostly enjoyed sipping his milk. Isn't he so cute as a cow?! The costume is a 12 month costume- but we still squeezed him in to it. Our friends, the Ericksens, dressed up as a family of brown cows- I wish we'd gotten a big group picture.
Even Kent got in on the action with ears and spots. He'd had a crazy 6am-6pm first day of rotations doing pediatric surgery but he still came and played along. He knows how much I love doing stuff like this :)

Hooray for Chik-fil-a. Thanks for dinner!


M- your favorite said...

Looks like fun! Zeb is a very cute cow!

Cynthia said...

i love the zeb and ellie picture of them holding hands looking at the cows. adorable.
thanks for all the heads up on the good deals, and thanks for being willing to dress up and be crazy, too!

yaya said...

If you dress up like an Amish family you can come to our house and for free!(leave the horses at home)

Danielle said...

Way to go -Zeb is a cute little cow! I love your free stuff section, by the way!

the Kprows! said...

How fun! I'll have to tell my sister in law that you participated in that. She is from alabama and said everyone down there does it, but this year here in cali my bro in law and her went and they were the only ones dressed up! Zeb does make a really cute cow! And for the record we are sticking with the name we've chosen for our kid. I think I dreamed he didn't like it cuz I know Bryson doesn't approve and has been telling me to change it. Also cousin Rachel Jaynes was the one Matt was dating. I have yet to tell her that though, I'm sure she'll get a kick of it!

Delaps said...

I couldn't believe all that food was free either. I just kept watching him ring up our order and waited for him to say our paper spots did meet the requirements! The most fun was watching the kids have the time of their lives!