Monday, May 18, 2009

cranberry crockpot chicken

It has been quite some time since I've posted any recipes- and I've been trying a few lately. My latest favorite is Cranberry crock pot chicken. I love the crock pot and I LOVE recipes with only a few ingredients. This was a twist on a roast we had at some friends' house here in Toledo. I wanted something a little lighter so I did it with chicken.

boneless chicken breast- I used two LARGE pieces- but you can use as much as you need, really.
1 can cranberry sauce (we used the jellied since we didn't have whole on hand)
1/2 packet onion soup mix (or more if you prefer)
3 tbs brown sugar
minced/chopped garlic to taste
Many similar recipes call for 1 cup french salad dressing- but I didn't want to add the oily fatness so I subtracted the brown sugar and added 1/2 c sweet baby rays bbq sauce.

Start with frozen chicken (the ice melts to add enough liquid)- add the rest of the ingredients and let cook 4-6 hours on low!

We served it over brown rice- and had green beans on the side. It was delicious and INSANELY easy.


Michelle said...

Hmmmmmm. Are you guys normally cranberry fans? Yeah ... I think you are. How intense is the cranberry flavor? Would it be subtle enough for us "no-cranberry jelly for Thanksgiving" folks? haha. We all LOVE cranberry JUICE. Weird. Maybe we just need a little more sugar around here. :)

Kent and Leisy said...

definitely even tasty for the non cranberry lover, michelle! It somehow doesn't taste much like cranberry at all. I do love cranberries in all forms though.

Cynthia said...

So not surprised you like it- there is brown sugar in there!

taylor and laney said...

i think we'll try this real soon.

boysmum2 said...

I have beef stew in the crock pot at present. So this sounds great to try another day, thanks

Rachael said...

the oily salad dressing creeps me out, too. I love the idea of BBQ sauce instead!!