Saturday, October 31, 2009

the real halloween.

I thought today was going to be pretty low key and NON candy filled- but somehow we added significantly to our candy stash.

Kent spent the morning and early afternoon at an Elder's Quorum service project- so the rest of us ran errands. This picture is VERY deceiving. There were seriously FIVE minutes of blue sky ALL day. In this picture we had just finished our run where we had to use the rain guard. I have no idea how blue sky peeked out just for our picture. Today was the epitome of halloween. Blustery, chilly, rainy, and super super gloomy. I loved it. The kiddos costumes were perfect for keeping them warm and the other park goers loved them.
We went to the grocery store where they were doing a full Halloween event as well. I tried to steer clear of the candy being handed out but we couldn't escape it all. Zeb LOVED playing on and in the fire engine they had out front.

Later in the day we stopped by some friends' place for some fun. Kent tried to teach Zeb how to bob for apples- but zeb just kept lapping up the water and licking the apples.

And check out Ike's costume today. I got this this little skeleton outfit for ONE DOLLAR (along with some other FABULOUS stuff like one dollar costumes and pjs, a fab winter coat for kent, and jeans for me!!) at the crazy old navy sale yesterday. It got me all anxious and excited thinking about the day after thanksgiving sales. I can't WAIT until the black friday ads are "leaked"!! It's usually just a bit after halloween!
and if you zoom in on this picture you can see the humongous gap between his two front teeth. He's our little goofball.And then we were going to just have a nice relaxing evening at home. No more candy- no more trick or treating- no more running around. But I just CAN'T pass something like that up. We hit a GREAT neighborhood right near our place that handed out ALL good candy and even some full size candy bars. Zeb actually would NOT put down his goldfish and m&ms.
Happy Halloween. If anybody needs/wants any candy- we have sooooooooooo much.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I think he's sick of trick or treating.

the annual downtown perrysburg trick or treating marathon. we had quite the crowd this year!
It's become child abuse. There are so many parties and so many places to trick or treat and there's so much flipping candy. I don't think Zeb wants any of it anymore- but I DO! today the poor kid just dragged his feet along main street (with a dum- dum in his mouth). I don't think we'll be going out on the town tomorrow night.
He has been begging and begging to play in the "leabes" all week, though. I've let him kick some here and there but today I let him just swim in them for awhile.

It was more fun than buckets and buckets of candy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know I keep posting pictures of trees and leaves. And really, I am the number one member of the "haters of pictures without people club", but like I stated earlier- I just can't help it.

I swear these will be the last.

Today we went running in the creepy creepy woods (no, not your creepy woods, yaya!). A dense fog enveloped toledo this morning and it was "oh-so-halloweeny". I forgot my camera so this is a phone shot.

It was so strange to be running when I couldn't see very far ahead of us. Zeb loved it. He thought it was so cool that we were in a cloud.

And here's the last of fall yesterday. Today looked so different and so drab. Yesterday I couldn't even see the trail because so many leaves had fallen. I nearly lost the stroller and the two rugrats to some gnarled overgrown tree roots on the side of the path.
And just to liven up the post- here are some Zeb pics. Lately these are two of his favorite faces. Whenever he's super excited- or super upset- he puts his hands up to his mouth. It's pretty cute except for the fact that we can't understand a thing he's saying because he keeps them there when he tries to talk!
In the bottom pic- he's crying with his sad frowny face. He's been a bit of a cry baby lately. Lots of tears every time he falls or every time he gets upset or every time he gets frustrated. I can tell he's trying to figure out how he feels and how to handle emotions. It must be tough to be a two year old- trying to navigate the world and learn how to properly behave and react. I still don't have it all figured out and I expect him to!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


How does this monster know when seminary starts? He wakes up EVERY morning exactly ONE minute before my alarm goes off. Sometimes I can quickly get him back to sleep- but usually he's just too excited and reaches for the front room to await the arrival of seminary kids. Once they show up he goes back and forth from one to the other until somebody picks him up. Most of the kids are okay with him- until he starts chewing on or slobbering all over their bags and winter hats.
Today we had our ward Halloween playgroup party. Zeb got to use his Thomas costume that we got at a yard sale this summer for 75 cents. The party was a success. The kids danced and ate to their heart's content.

And here's a picture of Zeb that I love. I should not have been taking pictures during the opening prayer at our ward trunk or treat- but I couldn't resist. Zeb's prayer faces are some of my favorite in the world. And his own prayers just keep getting better and better. And by better- I mean funnier.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

they are all just soooo happy.

and I think that I am even happier.
it finally happened. hooooooooooooooooray. Today Zeb and Ike (along with a few friends) were vaccinated against H1N1. Now let's hope they can steer clear of it for two weeks so that their bodies can learn how to fight it!

We did have to take a little road trip down to Napoleon, OH (about 45 minutes), to get it-and I waited from about 2:30 until 5:30- but it was so worth it to me. And we were some of the luckiest people there! The line was INSANELY long- and I'm sure some people were there until ten at night waiting.

For some reason I have really really been stressed about my kiddos getting this flu. I know the media is blowing it up bigger than it may be- but I really felt the necessity to get them vaccinated. I feel like the weight has finally been lifted off my shoulders. Plus- Kent got to drop by and say hello because he's working down in Napoleon on his family practice rotation.

Ike was such a champ. He honestly doesn't even cry when he gets shots! He yelled at the nurse for about ten seconds and then just hung out in his car seat watching Zeb SCREAM BLOODY MURDER while he took his turn.

Have I mentioned how HAPPY I am that they got the vaccine?!?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

trick or treat, maumee.

I dressed up the kiddos in their yellow and green costumes and hit downtown maumee today. The local businesses were doing trick or treating along their mainstreet and we couldn't resist the fabulous weather. It turns out we couldn't' resist the candy either. Some of the businesses were giving out full size candy bars! and the rest were giving out the good stuff. So far I feel like the recession has not hurt the halloween candy market one bit.

Poor little zebby fell onto a chair on his back right before we left and didn't want to walk because it hurt. I ended up pushing him most of the way.
At the end of our trick or treating route- we stopped at a church where they were handing out hot dogs and drinks. They ran out of buns- but luckily Zeb doesn't do buns. He was quite pleased with his plain hot dog.

Ike was absolutely perfect as usual. He happily tagged along and smiled at passerbys.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

yep, that's us. the Creepy people that went as a family of infectious diseases.

Apparently my costume tops the list of inappropriate costumes of 2009. I'm proud to say that we are an inappropriate family.From left to right- Zeb as a common germ, Me as H1N1 (better known as swine flu), Kent as Bird (avian) flu, and Ike as "Mad Cow disease".

The ward Halloween party was a blast. Nothing better than good food, fun people, and buckets -literally- of the good candy. I don't think we got a single smartie!- and escaped with only two dum dums. It was almost all reeses, snickers, twix, and the like. And there were some awfully good costumes- especially from the adults. I really wish I'd gotten more pictures of those. I do have to say that I think awards should have gone out to the zookeepers, the sunburned beach goers- and the terribly creepy skeleton.

Ike had a twin for the evening- only Spencer was just a cow- not a mad diseased one.

and little zebbo has got to be the luckiest boy in the world. He has so many great kids his age here. He's never without a good friend. I hope we can find people like this everywhere we go. I wish I would have gotten pictures of more of his friends. There's something so funny about kids in costumes.

I just LOVE halloween and dressing up.And I just really like this picture.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wish that everybody could just come to my park with me.Oh- and I SWEAR that it was snowing today while we ran. See those moisture flecks on my lens? They're snow flakes. Really.
There are a few spots where it was so bright and awe inspiring that I was compelled to stop and take pictures. And the pictures don't do the scene justice.
Why can't it always be fall!? Probably because then I wouldn't be so enamored- so entranced by it all. Fall makes me so grateful for this amazing place.
I just love dressing my kids up. This costume is a 0-3 month costume (?!) and still fits (although quite snugly in some spots) Ike. Isn't he such a cute little chick? Both rugrats have a few costumes to wear- and luckily we have enough parties to wear them ALL. Tonight for the ward trunk or treat party, we are a doing a family theme. You'll have to wait to see pictures.

And here's a picture of Zeb that creeps me out. Does he look all grown up in this picture or is it just me? I'm not sure what he's doing with his face. I asked him to smile and this is what he gave me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

sweet potato,sausage, and cider soup. mmmmmm.

Thanks for the recipe, Laney. This is so so good.

1 Box of chicken stock (3-4 cups)
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can kidney beans ( a few recipes I found online used black beans instead- we may try that)
2 garlic cloves crushed
1 1/2 tsp cumin
2 tsp paprika
1 1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp pepper
1/2 lb- 1lb Cooked chopped sausage or even chicken chunks. We did lean turkey sausage.
1 large or two small sweet potatoes chopped in small cubes
1-2 cups apple cider (or apple juice- or half the concentrate)

you could also add carrots- or any other veggies.

Let it all simmer until the sweet potatoes are soft and tender. about 15-25 minutes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you sure it's October 21st? 'cause it's 70 degrees here!!!

This picture is from yesterday- when it was pretty warm. I was surprised we didn't have a much better turn out for walking group considering the fabulous weather.

This is from today when it was actually TOASTY!It was so warm I wore my summer running gear. The kiddos didn't wear hats or gloves- and really didn't even need blankets. Ike slept the whole time, but Zeb loved all of the falling leaves. We took this little picture from a garbage can on the trail. Zeb gave a perfectly timed adorable cheesy grin.

Later this afternoon we even ventured out to the Zoo- in short sleeves. And then went to the park again to play.

All in all- our day was fabulous.

We did have one major upset, however. I drove downtown to get Zeb the H1N1 vaccine- because they were giving them to high risk children at the county health department- only to be turned away because Zeb is two. I swear the information is different everywhere I go. They said he couldn't get the vaccine because there's no pediatric dose and he has to be three to get this dose. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? and he can't get the nasal mist because of his lung issues. He may never be able to get it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had NEVER heard that two year olds couldn't get the injection. I hope she was just misinformed and I'll be able to at least get it next week when our pediatrician gets it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I KNOW. I know that it's the giant media monster of America trying desperately to convince me into believing that I have no way of escaping the death grips of the these evil little piglet viruses- but it's starting to work. I canNOT ignore the fact that 46% of those hospitalized for swine flu are CHILDREN! or that a vast number of those children have underlying LUNG problems like asthma. Just let my kiddos get the dang H1N1 vaccine already, please!

They gave it to Kent- but they won't give it to my cute little rugrats.
Don't you love these little hoodies? Thank-you grandma Pat! Every time Zeb puts it on- he says "Grandma made this!". Sorry it took us so long to get some good pictures posted!- but we LOVE them!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

case in point

This kid ALWAYS has something in his mouth.

Our run this morning was divine. The weather is perfect. You definitely need a jacket but no coat and probably not even gloves. This is what fall is supposed to be.

Anybody who doesn't love fall is absolutely crazy. The smells, the colors, the temperature, the leaves, the FOOD!, and everything else about it. Heaven must be in a constant state of Autumn.

Have I mentioned that I have the perfect (in many but not all instances) kids? Day after day they put up with my daily runs- and enjoy it. We took a short pitstop under this tree to take some Ike pictures this morning.
Here's Zeb in the exact spot last year. Ike was enjoying those runs in utero.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This little monkey is in to EVERYthing. I can't believe his curiosity right now. You can just see his teeny brain working to figure things out. He uses his mouth like insects use their antennae. His response is immediate -the very second he stumbles upon anything new- crumbs, paper, bugs, trash, toys- ANYthing, it goes straight into his mouth. Luckily, unlike zebbo, this kid has figured out that he doesn't have to swallow everything he tastes.

No corner of our house is safe. I thought this kid was mobile two months ago. He's a little speed demon now. My favorite thing is watching him go after Zeb and his toys. The look in his eyes is one of such determination and excitement. Poor little Zeb's eyes are equally as funny to watch. His are sheer terror and complete panic.

Just today as Kent was changing his diaper and he (ike) tried desperately to wiggle free- Kent commented that he's already gotten too big and just isn't the fun baby he used to be. I couldn't help but laugh. I am the EXACT opposite. I am overjoyed that every day he gets just a little bit older.

Friday, October 16, 2009

3 PM yesterday. My cute little monkey napping away.
3 AM this morning. My poor little monkey coughing and sneezing.
We were up from 3- to 4 this morning crawling around the living room and trying to cough and sneeze out Ike's mucous so he could fall back asleep. Our kids are full of snot and it is so exhausting. He got up again at six- but thankfully I was already awake for seminary.

While I was up last night with the kiddo I kept thinking about how we were up with Zeb like this EVERY night -oftentimes 3-4 hours- for FOUR MONTHS of his life!!! How in heavens name did we function?! It's amazing what you can do when there just aren't any other options.

Luckily Ike is just snotty. No fevers- no wheezing- no earaches. His oxygen stats are staying at 98%. Just full of gunk. Now let's hope he's on the mend lickety-split and that the swine flu vaccine becomes available PRONTO!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's cold and rainy- but we've decided that it isn't going to stop us from having fun. Our park is stunning right now so I am determined that we are going to stay outside until we freeze in our tracks (with the exception of today because it's 38 degrees and pouring rain).

Yesterday we planned for an afternoon at the zoo and ended up spending most of our time indoors- but it was still as fun as ever. Kent showed up at home at TWO (can't help but love family practice) so he came along. Plus, our zoo has the most incredible new kids play area. It is truly amazing. I can't believe how fancy and fun it is- and all in toledo.

It's full of great dress ups and fabulous places for kids to play and explore.

They have a face painting area and zeb let me make him into a cat. They also have a little forest full of fake trees and mushrooms to play on.
This kid has the fattest little face and chin. I try to get pictures at flattering angles- but his double chin cannot be avoided.
The only downside the the indoor area is a giant birdcage. It's full of all sorts of beautiful birds of different colors and sizes- but the birds are so so loud. The place echoes and one bird in particular screeches so loudly it was even scaring me. Kent told Zeb the bird was going to eat him or something- so every time (for the rest of the afternoon) that the bird squawked- Zeb would get this terrible look on his face and begin to cry.

Luckily they have a great outdoor play area. It's got the coolest stream with running water and all sorts of dam building stuff and water toys. Unfortunately it's closed for the the season. Luckily there's a great mountain to climb on and some playground equipment too.