Monday, February 11, 2008

fabulous day :)

The day started off with seminary and I loved it. The six am thing wasn't nearly as bad as I thought (we'll see how tomorrow goes) and 2nd kings is full of great stories (the kids especially loved when I showed them real pictures of people with leprosy that had skin falling off and bones visible). Zeb woke up earlier than usual (6:45) and was in HEAVEN when he realized we had visitors. They loved him as well.

Later in the morning we had story time at the library for the little rugrat! I kinda cheated to get him in, but he LOVES it. The kids are supposed to be twelve months and older to participate. When they asked me how old he was, I replied "almost one". It's true, right? He's closer to one than zero. Plus, he was FAR better behaved than many of the nasty little toddlers there! they were baaaad. I'll get a picture next week to post.

This evening we had our friend George over for dinner. The man is HILARIOUS. I must get a picture for you all to meet him! He carries at least 100 (I am NOT exaggerating a bit) keys and other jangly things around on his belt. He is such a kind old man and, of course, Zeb loves him! For the occasion I decided to go all out and make some pretty fun recipes for dinner, both of which I will post for your enjoyment and use.
I cannot claim ownership of either recipe. Our "Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken" is from the Kraftfoods magazine and the "S'mores Brownies" recipe is from the Dockters who stole it from another ward member (please make yourself known if it was you!). Kent gave the stuffed chicken a TEN! it was so dang easy to make and was quite gourmet looking/tasting. George loved it as well :) He likes stuffed chickens a lot. The S'mores brownies are a fabulous and ridiculously easy way to spice up a simple treat.


1 can (14-1/2 oz.) Italian-style diced tomatoes, undrained
1-1/4 cups Shredded Mozzarella Cheese,
basil, to taste
1 pkg. Chicken Stuffing
Chicken breasts (1-2 lbs)
1/3 cup italian dressing (or any that you have)

pound the chicken flat with a meat tenderizer (in a freezer bag). Mix all the other ingredients except for 1/2 the cheese and dressing. Spread the stuffing mix evenly over the chicken breasts and roll them up tight (we used toothpicks to help them stay wrapped). Pour dressing over the breasts. Add remainder of the cheese with 2-3 minutes left.
cook 40 minutes at 350.

S'mores Brownies
prepare brownie mix as usual. With five minutes left pour choco chips, mini marshmallows, and crumbled graham crackers over the top. Put back in the oven! voila.


Pat and Brent said...

I'm confused - did you have Zeb with you while you were teaching seminary? Or was there a day care there?

I'm happy you're able to use your wonderful talent for teaching. Those kids are lucky. They'll want you instead of the regular teacher. Anyone grossed out with the leprosy pictures? That is a very good way to make it real for them.

The meal looks delicious. Please post a picture of George - he sounds like an interesting person.

katiemama said...

Bruschetta Chicken is romantic, isn't it? Just use that tomorrow for cooking group, mostly because I want to taste it. It looks amazing!

The Davies Family said...

Hey you two..three. Congrats on the baby...he is so cute! The recipes look yummy.

Kent and Leisy said...

sorry that I didn't clarify about the seminary thing... The kids just come to our apartment! it's great. Zeb just stays in bed (so does kent). I didn't have to get up till 5:50 this morning.

M- your favorite said...

How many kids come to your apartment? That sounds fun? :) Okay thanks for the dinner-I am making it for tomorrow. Hope it turns out. It look really good. What else is on your plate with the broc?

Jill said...

I love your blog, Leisy. Your babe is so dang cute, your dinner looks yummy, you sound busy serving in church, and I love that you are playing Peter Breinholt. He's one of my very favorites! Good luck with Seminary and I'm gonna try your chicken next week!

brittani c. said...

Thanks for all the recipe postings. Delicious!

LoRFLoR said...

looks and sounds delicious! I shall try the chicken recipe ASAP - CHeeRS!!

buhlersdayoff said...

way to go becky homecky!! I am jealous you are good!! hey i just went private so send me your email address because i would love to invite you...andif you have laney's too!!
buhlersdayoff @ gmail

Cynthia said...

Looks delicious! I want to try making it sometime. Is the chicken stuffing similar to turkey stuffing. Is it sold by Stoffers and found in a red box?

Kent and Leisy said...

yep..regular stuffing, chicken flavoring. I got the cheap brand for a dollar.


the smores idea originally came from cortnee watson...YUM-O!

Molly&Charles said...

I am making those brownies!