Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer days.

I told Kent this evening that it does not AT ALL feel like July. It seems more like September or April or May. The weather has a lot to do with it- but having Kent back to work- and not doing regular summer stuff (picnics/bbqs/fireworks/etc) with moms and dads and sisters and cousins is contributing too.
Luckily for us- kent's resident was feeling extra friendly (and also a little sick of work) today and decided to finish the day early- and let Kent do the same! Kent was home by four and we decided to celebrate and make a trip over to Lickity-split, a local ice cream shop. Zeb was lucky enough to have a playmate all day (his mom had a baby and so we took him off her hands) so he came a long as well.The two thoroughly enjoyed an ice cream sandwich together.

We also spent a great morning at the library for story time. Zeb likes to run around the chidren's area and play with friends so I'm usually chasing him all over- but today he was preoccupied by a book. I hadn't seen (or heard from him) for a few minutes and when I went to look for him I found him perched on this little bird house trying desperately to read this book. Every time he got up high enough to sit on the edge- he'd try to open the book, lose his balance, and fall off again. Luckily he's a problem solver and found an alternative.

We've been working on word recognition lately- and we have a list of words he can read. Yesterday while going through his words- we got to "go". I asked him to spell it out and tell me what it said. He read " 'g-o' spells... green light!". He is so funny and really really loves to learn.

And finally- here's #2. All of his pictures for the next little while are going to look rather similar. He loves being in his trashy old swing. I think he just loves to be upright- and high enough to watch what's going on. He also LOVES sitting up and playing with toys and it's much easier in the swing than on the floor.

He finally ate solids today without spitting them back out at me. It must have been the green beans or something (takes after his nannie annie). He gobbled up his carrots and cereal today like a ravenous baby shark.


Linz said...

I love summer days! Especially when hubby gets home early! I wish it were cooler here, though! Oh, well!

Ike is so cute! Yea for solids!

Michelle said...

OH man - I looooooooove Zeb. I can't believe he's READING!! That is amazing. I love how he said that G-O spells Green Light. :D!! That is so stinkin' cute.

Ike is just to die for adorable. I just wanna squeeze him and love on him!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!

M- your favorite said...

What a smarty pants Zeb! He is a good problem solver. Love that kid! Ike-what can you say but CUTE!!