Thursday, July 16, 2009

This kid hates to eat. Really. He doesn't do solids at all. Every bit of rice cereal or veggies that go into his little mouth come right back out with a big goofy grin. I guess I'll just keep trying until he starts swallowing. Zeb was eating like CRAZY at this point. He had lots of teeth and was chomping on cheerios. Come on Ike, get on it.

and speaking of Zeb, here are some of his other 2 year pictures. He's so dang cute- and the photographer is fabulous. I could post every single one but the post would be ridiculously long. I'll post the rest on facebook if anybody wants to see them all!

This is one of my favorites. It is so indicative of our evening. He was done with the night before we even began. He was so sick of my antics and attempts to try and make him smile.
We took the pictures at a park right near our house (sidecut) and there were so many great places! we only had one near catastrophe. Zeb chucked percy into the river in one spot and I had to jump in after him.And I just like this one because he's hot and sweaty and tired.

And here's my favorite little rugrat, happy Zeb. I love his natural smiley face.


Michelle said...

O man - Zeb is just beatiful. Every single one of those pictures is just fabulous. I miss him so much.

And I am just DYING with how cute Ike is. He seems so happy-go-lucky. I just want to reach in and snatch him right off of the computer screen. He looks so squeezable! Can't WAIT to meet him!

I am laughing so hard about Zeb chucking Percy in the river! :) What a good Mom you are to jump in to snatch it back for him.

Cynthia said...

Those pictures are so cute. Lindsay did an amazing job.

I can't believe Zeb threw Percy in the water--good thing it was a shallow part where you could retreive it!

M- your favorite said...

The pictures are AWESOME! Zeb is so cute! Why in the world did he throw Percy into the water? He must have been mad. Cute guy! He is getting to big!

Emilee said...

Zeb's pictures are darling. And I love the pictures of Ike. What a cute happy baby, even if he doesn't eat.