Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love the rain.

Today was such a pleasant day.

This morning while I was getting Ike ready for our run, Zeb decided he wanted to go out and enjoy the rain on our deck. I'd opened the sliding door to let cool air in and Zeb escaped while I was turned around. I heard some jabbering from outside and when I went to take I look I found this:
Zeb had tried to put down his blanket (presumably to protect himself from the sopping wet deck) and lie down so that he could watch the rain. I asked him what he was doing and he replied "look mama, it's raining". I told him he was getting wet and he responded "yep. my blanket's wet". He ended up sopping wet as well. Luckily he was still in his pajamas. He is so funny- and really loves the rain.

Kent got to be home today for the afternoon. He had a call shift (6am-6am), but due to morning meetings and trainings he ended up missing half of his hospital day and so his resident let him take the other half (until 6pm) off as well. He got to come grocery shopping with us- and do lunch. He even snuck in a nap with Ike. These two always seem to be exhausted.


Michelle said...

Aww. Such fabulous pictures ... both of them! I do believe I have a few pictures of Kent asleep with my babies on his shoulder/chest. He just has that "sleepy" touch! :)

Larry and CIndy said...

What a cutie Zeb is "just playing in the rain" and the one of Kent and Ike asleep is so sweet. We miss you guys!! You are such an awesome blogger. I wish I were better at it. If I could just do the picture thing I could find plenty to ramble on about. Will you give me private lesson Leisy? Hugs & Kisses to all, Cindy

M- your favorite said...

Zeb is so silly! I really like that kid. Sorry Kent that you are so tired. It will get better and better. Sure do love you guys!

Amy and Craig said...

wow ike really looks like zeb there!

Steve and Hailey said...

What a fabulous picture...maybe it helps to sum up the exhausting time in med school for Kent. Now we need a picture of you sleeping with Zeb. Wait, do you sleep Leisy? :) You are super amazing. I look up to you and miss you so much and I'm REALLY glad that you blog so well. I know I can always come to your blog for some "company."