Thursday, July 9, 2009

is it over!?!?

Is summer really over?! Kent is back to school (rotations) full time now and I feel robbed. In actuality I am spoiled rotten. I'm 28 and complaining that we didn't get a real summer break. Kent and I have been in school (or taught school) long enough that this is our first year EVER without a long summer break. Are we finally becoming adults? Is this some sort of rite of passage? I miss being a kid.

At least zeb and Ike and I have some summer left. The weather is still extremely cooperative and there are lots of other great people to play with us even though kent can't.

Today we went swimming with friends and had a great time. I got Zeb out of the pool, changed him into a regular diaper, put on his shirt and next thing I knew he was BACK in the pool. He is such a little turkey sometimes.

Oh- and just this week Ike finally mastered sitting up. If you can't tell from the pictures- he drools ALL over. I'm not sure if his new teeth are just completing their appearance or if he's getting more. Time will tell.
Thank you gma Pat for the matching pajamas! They finally fit the little rugrats. There is nothing cuter than kids in footie pajamas. sorry for all of the random kid pictures. I'm just continuing on my quest to make sure that I have a picture of my kids for EVERY day of their lives :)


Linz said...

Okay - first of all, your boys are about the cutest things that have ever exsisted. period.

And yes - this summer went by way too fast. I know we have some time left, but when I think that Auri will start Kindergarten in just 4 weeks, I actually want to cry. It's going too fast!!!!

Cynthia said...

cute pjs.. and the boys look really cute in them!

Erin said...

Thanks for the website - I can't wait to try it out. Zeb and Ike definitely look like brothers. You are a human copy machine Leisy.

Katy said...

Those aer the cutest jammies ever! I love them!