Wednesday, July 29, 2009

our day of wild animals.

So, post call days (the day after Kent's 28 hour shifts) aren't all that shabby. Usually he gets in 3-4 hours of sleep at the hospital and then a nap here at home in the morning and then he can play with us the rest of the day!
Today we all went to the Lucas county fair. Every year they have a free day and we lucked out with it being on Kent's day off this year.
Last year we went and Zeb didn't love the animals all too much. This year he was super duper excited about ALL of them. He couldn't believe the roosters and chickens and goats and pigs.

He heard real live turkeys gobbling and roosters cockadoodledooing. It was so fun to see his reaction to them all. When a giant horse neighed he got all excited and kept neighing back to him.

This grand prize winning turkey was insane HUGE. It also had the strangest looking face you've ever seen.

Here's zebb-o staring down a heifer.

Fair day also ended up being playgroup- so zeb got to run around with friends. He loved climbing fences and jumping in puddles with them all.
The giant cow was a big hit. Zeb was interested by the nightmarishly humongous udder and the letters on the dairy sign.

And then came the elephant! The elephant was actually at lunch. We got a great coupon in the mail to a place called "The Elephant Bar and Restaurant" and so we decided to check it out. It was AMAZING. I'm not sure how we made it two years in toledo without ever going. The place was very family friendly- the food was super delicious- and the price (especially for lunch) was very reasonable. The ambiance is really fun as well. We'll definitely be taking visitors here!


oswaldcd said...

Leisy - you should be a spokesman
for the Toledo Chamber of Commerce.
You find the best places! Your
children are beautiful. Grandma Carol

yaya said...

Wow, a county that makes you a real buckeye for sure! Ashland's is in Sept. That truly marks the end of summer for me!

the Kprows! said...

I love fairs! And I also love the rainforest cafe! There is one down here by disneyland, it's a fun out of the ordinary place to go. When Zeb is a little older you should see if the fair there does Mutton racing. They have it in a few weeks down here and I can't wait to see's little kids ages
4-7 dressed up like cowboys trying to ride sheep like bulls!

Steve and Hailey said...

Where do you find the free things? I love it!