Sunday, July 5, 2009

I feel old.

I have never actually "felt" old before this week. I got home from girls camp and was beyond exhausted- but I loved nearly every second of it. I have crazy bruises all over (from who knows what!) and my hip bones are sore from tossing and turning and trying to sleep on the rocky hard ground.

We camped for four days at the church owned John Johnson farm in Hiram, Ohio. It was absolutely beautiful and minus a few bouts of crazy rain- the weather was DIVINE! It was chilly at night- and even chilly enough some days to wear jackets. I had planned for hot and humid so was ecstatic with how it turned out. We camped in tents- but did have flush toilets and showers so the term "camping" was a bit of a stretch.

We had so many fun activities to keep us busy. The first day we played volleyball- tried out archery- and cooked over dutch ovens. The menu for the four days would have to be my only complaint. I haven't had that much white starchy food in YEARS and it didn't do nice things to my bowels. The night I got home I ate a plate full of broccoli for dinner. My body was craving vitamins and fiber!!!

My favorite activities were canoeing and hiking! The canoe trip was quite a workout. We did a seven and half mile trip along some river. We nearly died a few times and got stuck a few more- but had lots of laughs and tons of fun! I just LOVE how green Ohio is. Not to mention the fact that fireflies were out in FULL force. I looooooooove fireflies.
Our hike went into Cuyahoga Valley National Park and was unreal. I have to take Kent back. The hike was amazing and we only saw a little itty bitty portion of the park. I can't imagine what the rest has to offer. I am usually very opposed to non people pictures- but I had to include this one.

There were all sorts of great rock formations that we could climb on and hike through. The forest was so green!
We also got to tour the John Johnson farm- which was really fabulous. Joseph and Emma Smith lived here for a year and the history of the farm is incredible.
The ward here is wonderful- and the young women are even greater. I haven't laughed so much in quite awhile! I missed Kent tremendously- and even missed my rugrats a little bit- but I am so glad that I went. I came home to a spotless house and a baby with two teeth. I'm glad I missed out on the house cleaning and teething :)


Nate and Jessica said...

You always were a girls camp girl. Miss those days. Well, kinda.

yaya said...

Glad you got to go to the farm for camp...that's were our girls went too! We used to camp there when we first moved to Ohio 32yrs ago and it was VERY made your own showers and only 1'd have loved it! It was also a welfare farm and every ward had to take care of the fruit trees and strawberries. Boy, those were the days! I miss the trees, not the berries.

Larry and CIndy said...

WOW sounds like girls camp was a great time for all!!! I have always loved girls camp, I guess it's because I never went as a girl! I have done girls camp for 20years at least as an adult (of sorts, I seem to have a problem growning up!) It is so beautiful there!!! I have never seen a fire fly and I wish I could someday!!! Love to the Ohio Millers, Cindy

Cynthia said...

That park does look awesome. I love that non people picture. I bet all the rain has helped it look so green and beautiful.

Jenni said...

So glad you were there with the girls. I hope I can go next year. Would you mind e-mailing me any good pictures you got of our girls up there? Thanks!

Michelle said...

Looks and sounds like a spectacular time! You've got a pretty good sized group of young women out there. Wow! What a neat place to be able to have girl's camp.

Hope you get a chance to recover and sleep! :)

yaya said...

Hey, just a little note: I'm glad you got your "prize" should have come down for the 4th. Ashland has a hot air balloon fest and even a 5k run that you could have won! The winners of the Today Show wedding are from Ashland and the bride to be won the race! You don't need a holiday to visit, you're welcome any time!

Kenna said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. Can't believe how much the YW has grown in a year. I love Jill's T-shirt and that she is standing right in the middle! Very apropo.