Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm hoooome.

I am home from girls' camp and BEYOND exhausted. I came home and got to shower and relax for a short while -and then it was off to the 4th festivities. We hit the small town Maumee fireworks tonight because we figured that downtown may be too crazy for us tomorrow! Plus- we have friends who live close to the bridge where they shoot off the fireworks and we parked at their place and all walked down to the river together.
Zeb looooooved them. He really enjoyed yelling "boom, boom" at each firework. I also tried to teach him how to "ooh" and "ahh" at them like his Nannie Annie.

Ike was in complete awe. Even though it was far past his bedtime he made sure to watch every last one. There wasn't a single tear shed between the two of them! They must not take after cousin tanner. Do you still cry and hide under your blanket during the fireworks, tanner?


Nate and Jessica said...

Do you know that I was SOOOOOO afraid of fireworks growing up? So afraid.

Cynthia said...

I am so amazed you stayed up so late and then went home and blogged!! The kids did really well- not scared whatsoever.

tiff said...

how fun when my kent & i are together he "ooos" & i "aaa"

Annie O said...

We sure missed you last night at the Thanksgiving Point fireworks. Everybody commented on how fun it would have been had you and Laney and families been with us. But we had a crowd! Amy and Craig and kids, Hailey and boys, Derek and Rachael and kids, Chris, Donna, MEtta, Daysa, Aaron, Evan, Justin, your dad and me and I hope I didn't leave anyone out--it was quite the pah-tay!

Happy 4th weekend.

P.S. I added more trip photos to my blog.