Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 3

Yet another exciting day in single parenthood.

I'm really glad that I've had this experience to take care of the boys without the pressure of school, studying, and deadlines weighing on the back of my mind. I'm hoping it was a terrific break for Leisy and that she will love the boys even more from having had a break from them. I've had a lot of time to think about staying home with kids these past few days. It can be draining, boring, and a little annoying but all-in-all it is wonderfully rewarding, and with creativity and a lot of energy, tons of fun! It would be exceptionally difficult for me to throw away all of the schooling I've completed to this point, sacrificing any future of a promising career, to become a full-time care giver. And yet there are so many amazing people who are willing to give up or postpone careers for the betterment of their family. I am (and always have been) exceptionally grateful for Leisy for not only doing this but for doing it SO WELL! It's not easy to get up and run 6-7 miles everyday even without adding post-delivery recovery, two children and a running stroller into the picture! She not only does that she teaches early morning seminary, cleans the house, forces herself to enjoy cooking and constantly seeks to find better and more healthy recipes to have ready for me when I walk in the door, puts up with me when I am stressed and overwhelmed with school, magnifies her callings, is constantly looking for ways to stretch what little money we have, and is an exceptional friend to many. This is selflessness I can only aspire to have.

Ike cut his first two teeth sometime since I last posted. I thought they were still weeks away from emerging. He had no fever, wasn't overly distressed or uncomfortable - just refused the binky. Zeb was much more dramatic about getting his teeth! Ike is a great baby! I am a fan.

I ran for about an hour this morning at Swan Creek Park. I met some of the other parents (okay... moms) at the park for walking group. I ran on my own but met up with them after at the playground. It was perfect running weather; there was a chill in the air and it was misting rain so it felt like someone was spraying water in my face. There were quite a few people in this park who recognized Zeb and Ike and asked about Leisy. I ran past the group of women that always say to Leisy, "You go skinny girl!!". Zeb of course loved the playground and was more than willing to dry off the slides for all the other kids.

Great naps once again. Project deep clean: Kitchen drawers and coupon organizing (where does she find all of these!!).

We finished out the night with a barbecue. A friend of mine from school had a bunch of us over to celebrate being done with boards. We decided these get-togethers need to occur regularly since we will no longer be seeing each other in the classroom everyday. We are all doing different things now and may see very little of each other. Leisy will be sad about missing this. It was great to relax and enjoy some great food and reflect on how life is going to get very complicated come Monday morning. Yikes! Back to work - but real work this time. No more security of the classroom. This is now the real thing. Real patients and real decision making.

So this blogging thing is kind of liberating! I can type whatever I want and feel like people actually care about reading it!! If you made it this far Hooray - if not... Leisy will be back tomorrow!!


Michelle said...

I DO care about reading it ... every bit of it ... I can't get enough! :) Thanks for all of the details.

I'm not sure how I feel about Zeb "drying" off the slides for the other kids. That kindof grosses me out. I'm not a huge fan of the wet/muddy bum look. ;) Zeb's so cute ... I'm sure he pulls it off with style.

I HATE organizing coupons. I would be much better at clipping and using them if I had some kind of a system that was effective. Right now my system is ... oh! I think I have a coupon for that! *shuffle, search, dig* ... aha! here it is! Oh dammit - it's expired. - and that's pretty much consistent. Not that you particuarly needed to know all of that ... but there it is.

Please post every once in awhile about your REAL LIVE work experiences. I'm really excited to hear about that! You have come so far!! Congrats.

Now ... if you made it through this COMMENT ... Hooray - if not ... I'LL be back tomorrow! :)

Michelle said...

PS - I LIKE IKE!! He is very cute and sweet.

Can't wait to hear about girl's camp!

tiff said...

i have enjoyed reading your posts good luck with the working on real people sounds like fun

M- your favorite said...

I also enjoy reading your blogs. I can totally see everything you do in my head. It makes me happy! I like Ike also. I also love that Zeb- I can't wait to see them again. Sure do miss you tons Kent! Love you!

Pat and Brent said...

Love your blogs - makes me cry. You guys are both awesome talented people who are making this world a much better place. Zeb and Ike are lucky little boys.

Larry and CIndy said...

WOW Kent, I really enjoyed reading your post! You are an amazing person and so is Leisy!! I am so proud of you and your two little once (I Like Ike) is also one of our favorite sayings. We have 4 of them in the family if you include Grandpa James Isaac Taylor IKE (Don's Dad) Larry has some fond memories of fishing with Grandpa Ike. Everytime I read your is amazing to me how awesome you and Leisy are. You do so much. It seems that Leisy is everyones best friend and always finding cool stuff to do. I would love to live near you all. Well if I had the money I would (so) go and visit you guys. It seems like just the other day you were here seeing the Bodies Exhibit and now you have been in Ohio for over 2 years (or is it 3) and have two little boys...WOW time flies when you are having fun and even when you aren't!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, Cindy

Pat and Brent said...

Hi Kent,
That's my boy. I love you miss you. I'm so proud of you and leisy. Have a great day.
Love Dad