Friday, July 17, 2009

I am in LOVE with this weather. I couldn't be happier that it's July and I need a jacket. If Toledo could promise me this kind of weather every summer- I'd stay forever and be happy as a clam. We still have hot enough days to swim (80-89) but humidity is low. Today the high was 76. Tomorrow it's 70! I know that I shouldn't speak so soon- we've still got August coming and it can still get really bad- but right now I am happy.

My runs are fantastic. This morning the kids wore jeans and needed their blankets! oh- and my bridge is up again. The trail is still bumpy and they haven't rebuilt the boardwalk in places- but it's at least runnable now. Zeb searches for Nemo in the water every time we cross the bridge.


yaya said...

I've really never heard raving reviews of Toledo (except the zoo) from most people from Ohio. It took an out-of-towner to show how pretty it really is!

camilla hallows said...

Hi Leisy! Sounds like you're having a great summer. I have that stroller too and I love it! It's a dream come true! Happy running with babies! Miss you.

Amy and Craig said...

I hear you on the weather! Our highs are still in the 80's most days and the humidity is relatively low and the lows have been down in the 60's! it's a miracle for us! I keep thinking like you, that we still have August, but I'll take the cool weather whenever I can! I have new respect for your running with two. I did that the other day and only did 3 miles. It's a challenge! no wonder you're so skinny!