Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zeb is published!

I can only imagine that the more kids we add to this family- and the older they get- the exponentially busier we will become!  Sometimes I have those days where I feel like there's so much going on we can't even breathe!

Yesterday was one of those days!! 
 preschool drop off.
I taught a spin class.
preschool pick up.
grocery store milk run.
bus stop zeb pick up. 
piano lessons for zeb.
take Ike to Kent on base to take to swimming lessons.
take zeb to school for choir concert.
take Zeb to swimming lessons.
home. dinner. bed.

And I've only got two children who are in activities right now!!!

this metta is a food monster.  she finished off an entire pack of blackberries before we got to the register to pay for them!  she ate kent's shrimp this week, too.  ew ew ew.
and check this out.  She's so funny.  she loves grapes.  She'll pick them off the grape stem and then FREAK OUT.  because she's terrified of the stem.  She thinks its a spider or something.  

Last night was Zeb's choir concert.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be an elementary music teacher.  uggh.  

check out Zeb standing next to this girl.  He's a little short- but this girl is CRAZY tall.  I can't figure out how she's a first grader!!  

This week we also went to a 'publishing party' for him during school.  They've been working on becoming writers and published some of their favorite stories in a hard cover book!

 Some of his older writing samples were sent home that day as well.  this is my favorite story from the bunch. stop now if vomit makes you queasy :)

The first throw- up was transparent!  :)  And I did tell him to stay in the living room!  we have wood floors and I knew the clean up would be much easier than on carpet!

the 'sekint' throw up was red from gatorade, and luckily he made it into the big silver bowl :)
I think he's got a writing future ahead of him.  His writing makes me laugh every time.
I'm also impressed with how much his writing and spelling has improved.  This story is from the beginning of the year- and his current stories are already so much better.

and a final pic of Ike so he doesn't feel left out :)  these boys love swim lessons!!


Annie Oswald said...

I love that you have them so involved and busy and active!I am thrilled that another person in the family has aspirations to work in publishing.

Love you all.


Julie Sacks said...

I'm impressed that you have Zeb in piano! We got our piano but have decided to wait on piano lessons because we thought Cohen might be too young... how is Zeb doing? I'm sure great because he seems to be more mild tempered and have more patience than Cohen :)

yaya said...

I thought after kiddos my life would slow down..not! I think Zeb does a great job of writing and I laughed my head off at his choice of topic!