Thursday, February 6, 2014

SNOW day!

We made it through the snowpocalypse.  I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately!
School was canceled.  even the air force base was CLOSED. and FINALLY kent benefited from a snow day.  His afternoon clinic was canceled and he got to play in the snow with the kiddos. 

I did an hour of snow shoveling- so it was only fair that Kent did the sledding!  this drive way was TOUGH BEANS.  All of the snow was covered with a 3/4 inch sheet of ICE.  It was heavy and  and awkward and I was huffing and puffing and sweating.  I should have skipped the gym.  Plus- it's hard to tell in this pic- but the plow that came down the road dropped it's load at the FOOT OF OUR DRIVEWAY!!!  ahhhhh!  I just left it there.  Our cars have to swim through it when we pull in- but at least the drive is clear!
 nice sled, huh?  she biffed it several times!!
 Here's an example of the ice sheets.  It was covering every inch of snow,
Metta couldn't get enough of it!  "yum-yum!!  yum-yum!!"  She ate a lot.  I still love to eat snow so it must be genetic.

 The kiddos made ice shelf snow people!

metta would have stayed outside for hours!!  Kent brought her in to warm up after one hour- and then stayed out for another hour with the older kids.

Afterwards I made the hot chocolate.  Ike loved it.  I love his creepy cross eye.

Metta loved it, too.  Her smile is contagious. and she smiles all the time to EVERY body.

She still does her angry face well, too.  Pursed lips.  Rolled eyes.  She kills me!

Here's our pal, Cora, enjoying the hot chocolate, too

I love snow days.   I'm so happy to have this final winter go out with a bang!  I have no idea if we'll even have snow our next few years- so I am happier than ever to get it now.

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yaya said...

We got about 6in. with ice in between..but the hospital still went on as usual with only 2 surgical cancellations. Did you know if you make a snowball, try to start it on fire it won't will turn black and smell like plastic...I tried it..I would never eat snow if I were you!