Friday, February 21, 2014

I owe a great big THANK-YOU!

I don't love to get sappy.  and I don't like to complain about things on social media.  But- without being too cryptic or overlydramatic- I'd just like thank my wonderful friends (and family!).  I've had a CrAzY week with some crazy beans stuff (don't worry- I'm fine!!) - and they have been nothing but wonderful and amazing.   I am surrounded by people who love me and who know the way to my heart is through gifts, food, and kind words!

is there anything mini cadbury eggs can't make better??!

 So a big fat THANK-YOU to every person who has been kind- whether or not you knew I needed it.  I am the luckiest girl around when it comes to friends!!

I got this 'anonymous' letter in the mail today.    There's no tricking me- I know who you are 'anonymous'!

(inside the card)
"And I LOVE that!"


Mommo said... are awesome! I know that whatever is going on it will not keep you down. You rise above anything given (or dished out) and you are amazing. You do have tons of people who love you and support you always. Me included.

Jill Pierce said...

What an awesome card! So glad you feel the love of others around you because you are one LOVED gal! :)