Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the best valentines you've EVER seen.

I really like my little Zeb.  He is the best kid- and a lot like Kent is so many ways.
For Valentine's Day at school he had the usual assignment of making Valentines to hand out to classmates.  Unbeknownst to Kent or me- he created a personal/handwritten valentine for every member of his class.  Teacher included.  With a unique message about why he liked each of them.  Seriously- how great is he?  to go out of his way to think of doing this? and to take the time!
Here are a few examples of my very favorite- I couldn't pick just one! They all made me laugh.

this little girl, taylor, really is sweet.
 he told me this girl has long blonde hair.
 In gym he's always trying to chase the people in front of him so he can 'lap' them.  He's pretty serious about being the fastest kid.
 Zeb informs me that this boy smells 'JUST like chocolate and it must be because of his skin color'.
 I'm not sure when they are using 'skairy' voices at school- but I love it nonetheless.
 Mrs. Patel can be pretty seerious :)  and they have a student teacher right now so he points out that she is his 'real' teacher.
 everybody needs a friend they can be 'coo-coo' around, right??

I love that he's such a thoughtful kid. and so darn funny, too.   


Amber and Travis said...

I really do love these! I wish I knew who they were all for! I can only guess! So sweet!

Pat and Brent said...

That is amazing. What a sweet, thoughtful young man. That takes a lot of maturity.

Julie Sacks said...

Best by far is the chocolate one! So cute!

HowellAZ said...

That just touches my heart. I love how easy it is for kids to point out things they like about other people. Precious.

Mommo said...

That is totally awesome. Very well thought out and heartfelt!