Monday, February 3, 2014

Ike is FIVE!

Ike is FIVE!!!!  
and I love to pester him.  I was so excited for his birthday (I LOVE birthdays) and it was driving him BONKERS.  
He screeched at me every time I'd mention it:
"How many times are you going to say that?!?!"
"I KNOW!  I KNOW! you already told me- it's my birthday!"
but secretly I know he loved it.  That little smirk he gets when he's trying so hard to hide his excitement and happiness.

We had an all day celebration. And we are going to celebrate even more later this week when Kent can participate :)  He slept all day- and then was off to work shortly after he awoke.

Ike had preschool and was the leader and got to take his favorite treat.  Donuts. and I let him pick out his own outfit- with no fights or arguments from me.

The high was 28 degrees.  he wore shorts and snow boots.
Oh- and we went to meijer to look at fish and get his favorite ice cream.
After preschool - we went to Chic-fil-a with his preschool buddies.  He has the best classmates and they have the coolest moms.
Lots of ice cream, nuggets, and running around.

I want to get some fun 5 year pictures of him- but it may be a fight.  We'll see.  He was the world's EASIEST baby - but I'm paying for that with a slightly more difficult young child.

He is my most stubborn child hands down.
He loves to argue and debate and make deals with me.
His favorite phrases are: "I don't HAVE to" and "I don't care".  
He speaks with a little lisp and it's still so adorable.  But don't tell him that!
He's has a little bit of a temper and gets especially angry if he's physically hurt.
He's really fun to be around and laughs ALL OF THE TIME!  especially when he shouldn't be (he definitely gets that from me!)
He's physically my most coordinated child.  He loves to wrestle, play soccer, throw balls, and run around.
He tells me every single day that he likes Kent more than me! which doesn't phase me at all :)
He is a very perceptive listener (even though it doesn't appear that he's listening at all!).

He and I are too much alike and it often leads to frustrated communications.  Luckily he loves to play and wrestle and get attention (in his own way)- so I can almost always win him over if I try hard enough.

 I love my Ike!  and I can't believe my second child is already 5!!


HowellAZ said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest Ike around! He's getting so BIG!

Philip Oswald said...

Happy Birthday Ikester. Wish I was there to spoil you rotten.

Philip Oswald said...

By the way it is still February 3rd at the time of this posting in my neck of the woods.

Kresta Wright said...

Happy birthday to our most favorite IKE!!!!

Jill Lau said...

I love that bottom picture of him. He looks so much like Kent. Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Julie Sacks said...

What's even harder for me to realize is we will have 2 kids in school next year!!! I remember looking at the older kids in Toledo and just wishing Cohen was older to play with more... now we both have 3 playing aged kids! Crazy! Happy birthday Ike!!!