Friday, January 31, 2014


How great is this picture?! Metta loves Ike.  She loves him A LOT.  
almost as much as she loves me.
Her affection for me kind of makes me crazy, though,  I've never had a kid who reaches for me constantly.  Cries at my feet to be held.  Whines until I give her the attentions she wants! and  worst of all- if she wakes up in the middle of the night- she screams 'MOMMY!!' instead of Daddy.  Ugh.  Good thing she has cute red pigtails.

Tonight she's on the kitchen floor- coloring something.  And just look at my house.  another ugh!  I should be more embarrassed- but I'm too tired. and sick.  I cursed myself by saying that I hadn't been sick in years.  And now I'm stuffy, stiff, and headache ridden.  And I haven't seen Kent in a few days :)  Plus- cleaning definitely makes me feel worse!  It will have to wait (for what, I'm not sure).

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Julie Sacks said...

There is NO shame in a messy house. I think that those who have clean houses all the time must neglect their kids :) It shows that your a good Mommy.