Wednesday, January 8, 2014

facebook implosion!!

It looks like tomorrow Zeb gets to go back to school!  I'm not entirely sure why school was cancelled today - it was down right toasty out! we got into the 20s. and the wind chill kept us above zero most of the day.  It was really cute to see his face this morning when I told him the school had just called and cancelled AGAIN!  he was pretty excited because he knew that I was headed to chic-fil-a with Ike and Metta for a friend's birthday party.   I tried getting a pic of the boys- but they never sat still long enough to get one.  plus- I've decided the older my kids get- the fewer pictures I take of them. younger kids are cuter, I guess.

This weekend is supposed to be 50+ degrees.  just outrageous. and very unwinter like. but since the school districts have already used ALL of their preplanned snow days- I suppose we may have to go straight to spring.
Plus- I don't think facebook can handle any more extreme weather.  I feel like there's a pretty tight correlation with people's facebook craziness and being snowed in.  If we had another snow day -facebook and all it's jibber jabber was going to implode!!

Oh- and finally. One last picture for this post.
For some INSANE reason I was asked to coach our ward's (church congregation) young women's basketball team.  Oh my goodness.  I have NO athletic agility.  I canNOT play basketball. I can't even dribble in a straight line or make a basket that isn't a granny shot.  SERIOUSLY.  
Luckily I love teenagers.  
tonight was our first real practice.  and saturday is our first game! YIKES!!  it's going to be crazy.  Thankfully there is a girl in the ward who plays high school ball who is willing to help me coach and teach them some real skills.  
This picture is HIDEOUS.  I'm trying to teach them how to set a pick.  Only I look like my hands are shriveling and I'm about to die.
Wish me luck.  the girls, too. we all need it.


Kee said...

Love it! Hoping Facebook doesn't implode.

yaya said...

Set a "pick"..Jack used to do his 'fro with a pick but I'm guessing you're not showing them how to do that...good luck!

Pat and Brent said...

Good luck with basketball. My skills there are lacking yours by a long shot. I had to ref a game once and had no clue about fouls. The only thing I knew how to call was traveling. -so pathetic! You'll do great.

Kurt, Alexandra, Yulia, Isabella said...

Leisy!! I just found this awesome blog of yours! How amazing are you to be so dedicated - you are my inspiration!! I started in 2008, then deleted it for several years, and then picked up again, but I'm not very good at updating it more than a couple of times a month lately. You inspire me to be better about blogging, and now you have one more dedicated reader as well ;) I am excited to start following your adventures from now on!

pembe pamuk said...

çok şeker....