Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 She is INSANE.  a wild little creature.  Today she got put in time out at the gym for TABLE DANCING.  seriously. I'll walk into the kitchen and find her dancing up on the island.  I've never had a climber.  Heaven help me!!!

Here are three ridiculous pictures from the last three days.

Breakfast.  Bananas dipped in Ketchup.  yumm-o. delish.

This isn't actually her duck faced selfie- it's her on demand grumpy face.  If you make her mad- she'll purse her lips, drop her head down, and give you the stink eye.
 She continues her diet of wet wipes.  She loves to suck on them.  Shove 2 or 3 at a time in her mouth.   She'll also regularly blow her nose on them- and then do those things.   She's -amazingly- a very good nose blower.
I love her to pieces.


Anonymous said...

Miss Pam here! Yes she is indeed a FANTASTIC nose blower!!! Also the most polite little thing in the room. Girl's got some manners! I LOVE the second pic. I think she looks adorable!!! ;)

Annie Oswald said...

I hope she's a super wealthy old lady--imagine how eccentric she could be with money and age! :) I hope that she and I are best friends when we're in our 90s.

Hugs from Nannie Annie.