Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the 'affle waffle.

Our used snow days have now exceeded the pre-planned ones!   Zeb and Ike woke up pretty happy to the news of no school today.  We were all pretty excited that we got to sleep until 8!  It felt like a perfect Saturday.

We celebrated by recognizing Zeb's achievements from this last quarter.  On Friday he got these awards- but I didn't see them until getting his backpack ready for school last night!  Last quarter he was Physical Education and Music Student of the quarter :)  Plus he had perfect attendance.  He was pretty excited to be the only one in his class to get so many awards.  I'm pretty proud of him.  He's a great kid.  Probably the best kid around- in fact.  How did I end up with such amazing rugrats?!
To celebrate- we checked an item off our Ohio Bucket list.  I've resisted it for almost SEVEN YEARS.  
Since being in Ohio (both Toledo and here) we've lived just a few blocks from 'The Waffle House'.  Nicknamed by many as the 'awful waffle'.  They all look the very same.  small. ghetto. straight out of the 70s.  orange vinyl furniture inside. And whenever I see the place - all I can think of is the Kidd Rock Brawl that happened in one.  
Kent has been dying to go the entire seven years.  I finally caved today.

The boys were in PURE heaven.
Greasy biscuits and gravy. bacon. waffles. hashbrowns.
Ike is trying to go cross eyed here- but wasn't exactly successful.  It's his new thing for pictures.

I got grits.  I love grits.  But they were extra greasy.  luckily they were cheap. so I didn't feel bad not finishing them.   That was the one redeeming quality of the place.  It's pretty inexpensive.  They even have a dollar menu! 
I'm really hoping there's no Waffle house wherever we move next- because I know Kent is already planning a time to go back!


Amber and Travis said...

What?!?! You have never been to Waffle House?!?! I can not even believe that! We used to go to Waffle House after the football games in high school. It was the cool spot! Welcome to the dark side!

Jill Lau said...

Haha. I still haven't been and I am pretty sure none of us went in Toledo. Glen took the kids a couple of months ago here in Memphis. Of course the kids loved it. I can't remember Glen's thoughts about the place :)

Jason & Shannon said...

Gross! We went to one here, it was gross. Haha. Glad it wasn't a complete waste and kent and the boys liked it.

Unknown said...

I've only been there once too and I have lived in Ohio for 12 years. That should tell you something! It was gross!