Monday, January 6, 2014

chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

It's freezing cold.  like -lungs burning when you breathe -cold. wind chills into the -30s. and I still love it.  and I'm even pretty excited that my kiddos are getting another snow day tomorrow!  we spent time at the gym today, played the wii, made cool structures out of our stick and stack tiles,  and got some cleaning done.  Even though I think they are wimpy- I really do love snow days (as long as I can get out for a little bit and they don't cancel any parties!).

And check out the snow IN our house!  I guess it's just 'frost'- but it's pretty thick.  And I'm going to call it snow.

to finish off an almost perfect day- I'm eating my chocolate covered cinnamon bears that I got for Christmas and watching tv while bundled up in a blanket.  If Kent weren't on call- the day would be PERFECT.  

Mom and Dad- send more chocolate covered cinnamon bears!  I need them.  
 If you've never had them- you're missing out.  they are DIVINE.  and since they don't sell cinnamon bears this side of the Mississippi,  I can't even make them myself.

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