Saturday, January 4, 2014

we ate and ate and ate

Nannie Annie and gramps flew into to town just after Christmas so we could enjoy some holiday time with them!  it was lovely.  Besides the day we took my kids to get shots.  I hope my parents can forget it happened. I'm trying to block it out of my memory.  Zeb and Ike FREAKED. lost it. they were possessed by little pint sized demons.  #1 worst moment as a parent to date.  uggh.

Other than that- it was super.  A couple of nights- we got a sitter for all of the kiddos and did dinner.  The first night we went to the hibachi and ate sushi and caught broccoli pieces in our mouths :)  It was way too much fun.  I love all of these blurry action shots.  I have the best family members.

my mom loves to photobomb.

How many times can you eat at chic-fil-a and still love it?  I think the answer is infinitely. Their food is so dang good.  It's the only place I'll indulge in fries.  and dipped in polynesian sauce?!  pure heaven.

we went with Nannie Annie and Gramps several times. 

three crazy cousins.
the most adorable little metta ever.  she may still be in her favorite pjs- and look a little bit like a rugrat- but check out her smile.
milo- the barfer- with gramps!
my kids' favorite thing about gramps and nannie annie in town is the hotel pool.  They went swimming every day.
I really ought to take my kiddos swimming more often. they love it.

they also loved the gifts.  Zeb did his very first ENTIRELY by himself hard lego set.  No help whatsoever. He loves legos- but usually we work on them together.   One morning I got up pretty early and came downstairs to find him in the dining room working away at it.  He was so excited about it that he couldn't sleep.

We also went to the Zoo lights in columbus.  Yikes. it was INSANE. busier than Disneyland.  we could barely move our stroller through the crowds.
and we didn't get to see any animals (besides a big brown bear's sleeping bum pressed against a widow) because they were all in for the night.  we did enjoy ourselves, though.
trying to see a polar bear in the giant tank.
they did have a big light show around the lake in the middle of the zoo and it was pretty amazing.  really cool.  and almost worth fighting the crowds!!

after the zoo- we stopped at jason's deli for dinner.  I highly recommend the place if you've never been. so much to choose from.  all of it was delicious! 

and there's FREE ICE CREAM.  all you want.  the chocolate was divine.

my goodness- we ate out a lot!  here's one last pic of miss metta.  At the restaurant Shish- writing on their chalk board.  It's a new place in dayton and it was so so delish.  It's Mediterranean food- falafel, shish wraps (shawarma), tabouli, pita, hummus, etc.  Kent and I have already been back again one time!

Life is now back to normal- and Nannie Annie and Gramps are gone!  thanks for everything!!

 School starts again monday- but I have a feeling it's going to be a snow day.  temps are predicted to be down to -20 and lower with wind chill!  I can't wait :)

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Anonymous said...

You guys looked like you had a BLAST!! We grandparents are the best huh? ;) As far as cant wait for those chilling temps, girl you have lost your mind!!! And I meant that in a good way. ;) I cannot, I repeat, cannot take the cold. brrrrrr See ya tomorrow! (Ms.) Pam :)