Monday, January 20, 2014

every day should be a holiday!

There's a rumor swirling around outside that we may be getting a mild snow storm tonight while we sleep!  It's supposed to be wonderfully cold all week, too. So the snow should add to what we currently have and make for a lovely winter wonderland.  and possibly a school delay or cancellation.
We had Zeb and Ike home today for the MLKjr. Holiday and had a great time.  I'm not sure I can keep up the excitement if we all have another full day off tomorrow!

I asked Zeb who Martin Luther King Jr. was- and he told me that 'He was the 13th president of the United States or something like that.  And he made it so black and white kids could sit next to each other at school.'
It's always so funny for me to hear how my kids interpret what they've been taught.  And just what happens to stick or not stick.

I had to work this morning and I taught a full  bootcamp class using the Step.   I'm not coordinated enough to do full step routines- but I'm good with some short routines and then a lot of other cardio/plyometric stuff with the step.  I love teaching bootcamp classes.  Definitely my favorite because I can change it up so much.

After the gym- we woke up Kent. He's on the dreaded/torturous nights.  blech!  He worked 85+ hours in the past 6 days.  SICK, huh??  It's definitely my least favorite of his months.

We headed over to the 'other millers' and let the kids sled in the back yard.  It's a perfect setup.  The hill is pretty puny- but we don't have to help them hike up it over and over again.  And they are fenced in with no roads so we just sat inside and chatted while they froze :)

I have a busy body personality which means even on Holidays like MLK day- where there isn't any specific tradition we've created - I still feel like I have to do SOMETHING to make the holiday worthwhile.  So- spending time with great friends made my day great.  I have really awesome friends.  I'm a lucky gal.

Metta seemed to agree with my sentiments.  We'll take ANY reason to party and play.

To top off the fabulousness- we went to Young's Dairy.  They were celebrating the weekend with 1.49 cent kids meals and ice cream cones.  Their ice cream is DELISH.  oh- and Kent loves their fried cheese curds.  they kind of make me shiver and cringe.

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