Monday, January 27, 2014

we've all become meteorologists.

Seriously I think I check the temps about 40 times a day just to see if it's going to be as cold as 'they' keep saying it is!

Our lives right now are revolving around the weather.  mostly it's because we are always playing the waiting game to see what's going to be cancelled and what's not.  I have loved having all of these extra days with Zeb at home- so the school cancellations don't bug me!  the 2-hr delays-however-KILL me!!  They mess up my gym schedule- which can get pretty inconvenient considering I teach so many mornings.

We just got the call a few minutes ago that school is completely cancelled tomorrow.  Zeb is happy to head out and about in the cold with me- so I'm happy to have him home!   We say our prayers every morning walking to school- and during this morning's prayer- he said: "thank-you for this great weather that we love so much".   Whenever Metta sees snow she shouts: "It's SNOWING! yaaaaay!".  And today Ike told Kent: "it's not cold at all today.  I want to wear shorts to school".  These are surely my children.

.5 degrees (can you measure degrees in halves?!).  feels like -18*

*For any and all fact checkers- I am not claiming that these temperatures are 100% accurate- I'm just posting what my phone says :)

The only cancellations that really bother me are church cancellations. We only had 1 hour of church this past sunday- instead of 3. And I was so disappointed!  Is it crazy that I love three hours of church?!  I love to be there.  I love the learning, the teaching, the fellowship.  And I love having that much time every Sabbath to be AT church.  Luckily Kent was home that day- and we fed the Sister Missionaries- so I had a great day.

Besides becoming a junior meteorologist- Metta is also becoming a pro screamer.  Every time this phase rolls around I add a tally to the row of reasons I don't love children.  uggh.

 Here's her splotchy face after a 20-30 minute cry it out session.  I sent this pic to Kent and he responded with some serious concern.  He wanted to know if the spots were all over her body - or just her face.  Ha!  not a rash- just a temper tantrum.
Kent has worked some brutal shifts lately- so for the few minutes that the kiddos get to see him- they suffocate him a little bit :)

Metta rarely wants to sit with him- so this picture is a rarity.  She's kind of a momma's girl.  
Ike is still a daddy's boy 100%.
Zeb is pretty independent.  He's so funny.

I was putting on my makeup in the car yesterday when a conversation between the boys ensued.
Ike: "why are you doing that mom? what are you putting on your face?"
Zeb: "Don't worry, Ike.  It's working.  It's making her look not so old".

Thanks, Zeb.  I'm glad it's working.


Annie Oswald said...

LOL! Love those kids. Send Miss Metta to my house. I'll take her--screaming and all. I've done it with two at a time--I'm a pro.

Nannie Annie

Julie Sacks said...

I am amazed at how much school gets cancelled in Ohio! We have 2 snow days and when we had the ice storm move in, we used both of them up! I'm curious how many y'all have, it seems like 20! I still don't understand how you like the cold, it would drive me bonkers to plan my life around it!

Julie Sacks said...

PS.. Metta is still a total cutie, even with the red sploches!