Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sesame street LIVE!

Woohoo. what a saturday we had yesterday. so so busy. Almost too busy, really. We had all sorts of errands all morning and then we went to SESAME STREET LIVE!!  I won a family four pack of tickets last week so we decided to put them to use!! Kent almost didn't make it- but luckily was working with the nicest residents ever and they let him off to come. He's in his work clothes because we picked him up from the hospital and drove straight to the show.
Both kids loved the show.  We were worried about Ike, but I think that he actually enjoyed it more than Zeb. He danced and giggled and pointed and just sat happily on Kent's lap.  Zeb thought it was over at intermission- and was ready to go at that point.  We ended up staying and he kept asking if we could go- but still enjoyed the last half.  Grover came right up to us to meet the kiddos but Zeb would have NOTHING to do with him. He was pretty creepy looking up close. Very hairy and extremely large.

Overall  it was a really fun show.  I don't think I would have paid the sixty bucks it would have cost for all four of us- but going for free was fabulous.
The above picture is a little strange looking because I'm trying to figure out photoshop.  I tried layering two pictures - one with a flash and one without.  I wanted to show the background- but also get good faces. This photoshop thing is pretty intense.  I need lessons.
After the show we went to a ward baptism with the kiddos. Sometimes I wonder why we take them to church functions like baptisms.  They were so irreverant and we spent much of the time in the hall anyway.
Afterwards we took them home, left them with a sitter, and then went back to the church for a "no kids allowed" game night.  It was really fun and we laughed a lot. Plus, our sitter (one of my seminary students) got both kids to bed. It was fabulous. I think I'd pay to have someone come and put my kids to bed every night.


Michelle said...

How fun! Great pics!

dockters said...

FUN! You have got THE best luck winning/getting tickets, Leisy!!

And I've seen it firsthand!

Cynthia said...

you did have a busy Saturday!
For picture 2 I think it was a great idea to layer the two pictures. Wish I knew how to photoshop so I could help make it look more fluid, but I have ZERO skills in photoshop!
(and i am glad Ike's head is small enough to fit the shirt;)

Annie O said...

How much would you pay? I'll interview for the putting-your-kids-to-bed job.

M- your favorite said...

That so much fun! I love stuff like that. I am glad that you got the tickets for free. Awesome!

yaya said...

Looks like you had a fun day for kiddos and a fun date night for Mom and Dad!

Amy and Craig said...

we did sesame street live when katie and taylor were about those ages and they had fun. it was cool. the only thing like that we've done, but we had fun!