Tuesday, February 23, 2010

free pancakes!!!! the word 'free' just gets me all excited.

Kent made it home tonight nice and early so we celebrated at ihop. Free pancake day has become a wonderful Toledo tradition.  Ike ate more ice chips than pancakes- but still enjoyed his stack.
and zeb didn't take a single bite of his "sandcastle".  This is why kent and I refuse to buy our children meals at restaurants. Once they prove that they can eat a full plate of food at home- then we'll think about actually spending money on them at a resturant.  Or we'll just start leaving them with babysitters.
 p.s. please excuse the cell phone pics.


Jana said...

Love the hair cut Leisy and the free pancakes also! :)

Susan said...

Dang, I totally forgot about this! And I love pancakes! Where do you find out about all the free stuff?

p.s. thanks for the recipe! gonna give it a try. and yes, micah loves spicy food. when we go to los hermanos, he practically drinks the salsa.