Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes I feel like this is all I blog about, but just stop coughing, PLEASE!  For me there is almost nothing worse than coughing children all night long.  We have spent months of the past two years of our lives listening for coughing, hacking, wheezing, sneezing, and sick babies.  And as happy as I am about six more weeks of chilly weather and snowy days, I am afraid we also may have six more weeks of the mucous monsters.
 Here is Zeb mid-cough and Ike mid-sneeze.  They just keep passing it back and forth to each other.  They also wake each other up with it all night long. And to make matters worse than worse, when we do miraculously have a few hours of no coughs- I'm getting up constantly to check and make sure they're still breathing because I just can't believe that they aren't still coughing!!!

Hey- rugrats, please don't make us get up eight times tonight!!!!!


Larry and CIndy said...

Oh Baby, I do remember those days!!! Your Brillant Doctor husband Kent will have to research how to stop the cold virus and then you can all sleep all night and also become very wealthy and famous!!! Come On Kent we all know you can do it!!! Love Ya, Cindy

M- your favorite said...

I am so sorry- I hope you can sleep good tonight- and that the kids get healthy! Dang I am sorry! Nothing worse then sick kids.

Jessica said...

That picture is priceless. That's exactly how my kids were last year, it seemed like the non-stop cold.