Friday, February 26, 2010

our day.

I asked him to give me the nastiest face he could. This is what he came up with. Pretty scary if you ask me.
  Yesterday we pulled up next to a fire truck at a red light.  Zeb looked at me and stated, "the fire truck isn't working, mom. It must be out of batteries".

Oh- and apparently Zeb has an Oswald bladder.  This kid can keep more liquid inside than I ever thought possible on a 2 and a half year old.  This is a side view of his stomach/bladder full to the brim. He seriously held it for four hours.  He's been asking to get on the "potty train" lately, so we've embarked. Too bad I think he thinks it has something to do with a real train.  Luckily for us he's been poo potty trained for a few weeks now. He totally did that on his own.  The pee thing may pose some problems.

Oh yeah.  And yesterday I judged a local science fair. It was a blast. I loved every second of talking to those awkward nerdy middle schoolers.  One kid's project was hypothesizing the effects of red bull on crickets!?!?  Maybe somebody should call PETA.   I miss science and teenagers.  Too bad I can't do early morning biology, too.


Jessica said...

That belly shot is too cute! And I absolutely LOVE the scary face!

Annie O said...

How did you get hooked up with the school that did the science fair?

M- your favorite said...

Poor kid! I guess it's a good thing to have your side bladder- if it was the miller's he would be peeing all day long.

Delaps said...

so glad that you could go to the science fair! I guess it is good to know that he can hold it vs. the other.

yaya said...

The science fair is always of the middle school kiddos here did her project on which tampon is most absorbent. I kid you not.

Michelle said...

Wow. I mean, W.O.W. That face is QUITE the evil eye! hahahaha.

Yeah ... Miller bladders ... Aaron pees like 250 times a day. :)