Wednesday, February 10, 2010

can you see all of his bumps and bruises on his forehead?!

This kid is ALWAYS falling forward onto his little noggin.  He hits wall corners, chairs, people, and sometimes bends over just a little too far and falls directly onto his head. It's ridiculous, but I'll take the bumps and bruises over coughs and not sleeping ANY day.  And both kiddos are healthy right now (cross your fingers) so I am quite pleased.  Ike does have a nasty little diaper rash, though.

It must be really hard to be a kid sometimes. No real conrol over your body,  little ability to comunicate properly, and constant misunderstanding of emotions.  Most of these rugrat's injuries could be prevented if they'd just learn those basics!


April said...

You need some Arnica gel. :) It's a homeopathic topical gel that gets rid of bruises SO MUCH FASTER. Seriously. They should have it at and decent health food store.

Pat and Brent said...

He is so cute - still carrying things in his mouth. He looks like a prize fighter. Hope he soon becomes less top heavy. Glad they're both healthy.