Monday, February 15, 2010

our weeeekend.

We started off with a great Friday night at the roller skating rink. It was crazy. The music, the lights, the skates, even the smells- they all just screamed Junior High at Classic Skating. We even did the hokey pokey and the YMCA.  Plus, my kids loved the evening.  Kent had to work- but we went and celebrated the birthday of a friend.  I was shocked when they said they had skates small enough for Zeb!  He got the hang of it pretty quickly and was able to shuffle around after a bit.  He did complain that the music was too loud, though!  
Ike just ran around like a banshee and I ran around after him making sure he wasn't run over and that he stayed out of the men's restroom.

I took my regular point and shoot camera- and I have to say that it has about bit the dust.  I realize that I am kind of a picture/camera snob now- but it's really having technical difficulties and I can't stand using it!!

Saturday Kent had to work again- but luckily got off mid day so we could celebrate an early Valentines.  Holidays (besides Easter and Christmas) on Sunday are not my favorite thing.  Too bad V day AND my birthday fall on them this year!! grrr.  We ended up going to see Avatar in 3D.  The only movies we've paid to see in the theaters since we've been married have been the Harry Potter movies- and I remember why now!  They are INSANELY expensive.  Plus- since it was 3d - it cost even more!  11 dollars for a matinee?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  had they offered non 3D I would have taken it merely for the three dollar discount! Plus- once we started watching the movie I realized that 3D is NOT for me. Maybe it was all the hype- but I was a little disappointed in the movie.  I am glad that we saw it on the big screen and not at home, however.  Kent and I decided we would have been super disappointed to watch it on our scrawny tv!  Plus- it was nice to be kidless for three hours :)  and I'm not sure if I've blogged about his before- but Kent and I love this website- kidsinmind.  We usually check it out before we watch any movies because it is so detailed and descriptive about what exactly is in the movies. 

After the movie we came home, put the kids to bed, and ate dinner while we caught up on missed Project Runway episodes. I do love just being at home and cuddling on the couch under a blanket and eating a bowl of brownies and ice cream.

Sunday ended up being really nice for a sunday holiday.  Both kids took looong naps/quiet times and we could just relax.  I love Sundays knowing that we aren't going to do ANYthing. No pressure to go out anywhere- or workout- or get anything done!  Zeb and Kent raced home after church and decorated the living room with balloons and streamers and m&ms.  Zeb was SO excited when I came in the door. He kept telling me it was for me for valentine's day. It's really fun to have him be so "grown up".  He gets so excited for everything and loves to participate in everything that we do.
 And here's Ikey not very excited about the decorations after waking up.  He's such a turkey right now.  He's trying desperately to tell us everything he wants but it all comes out in shrieks and screams and it's getting crazy annoying!!

 And I spent after church finishing off Kent's final Valentine's present.  I did the 14 days of valentines for him and it ended up being crazy long! Over the past 14 days I made him 105 hearts with 105 notes and 105 "gifts".  I did cheat on more than one heart- but it was a lot of work still :)  I've always wanted to try a fruit bouquet.  I lucked out that fruit has been very reasonably priced lately! and that we have a great little fruit market right down the street.  I learned a few things for next time (don't include bananas! they go mushy and brown immediately- and mangoes look like cheddar cheese chunks).  We also made my favorite dip. Cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, and the juice of an orange. And had Cafe Rio Pork Burritos for dinner. mmm. 
happy valentine's day.  I guess having it on a sunday wasn't all that bad because I got kent all day long. I shouldn't complain.


brittani c. said...

And you said you didn't do crafts...great job on the fruit bouquet. The pineapple flowers look fabulous.
Avatar is definitely for the 3D special effects and that's about it. Too bad you wasted money on it!

yaya said...

Nice job on the fruit bouquet! Those are crazy expensive...I always send one to my Mom for Mother's Day and yours looks just as nice. Glad you had a nice weekend with all your valentine guys!

Nate and Jessica said...

Classic skating rink! I can smell it right now.

Laney said...

ike looks like he has no arm in that picture.

Cynthia said...

your fruit boquet turned out really good! It looks delicious.

Susan said...

At first i thought you had dressed Ike up as cupid b/c of the diaper and streamers! what a fun valentines day. I had to work. bad thing about hospitals, they don't close on holidays. btw-what is your recipe for the cafe rio burritos? they are kenny's FAVORITE!