Monday, February 8, 2010

snow weekend.

I'm not entirely sure why I never found time to blog over the weekend.  It certainly wasn't because we were busy with a weekend full of excitement!  It was nice weekend- but pretty mellow. Kent works every saturday this month so things are pretty low key.  We lucked out that one of the other students he's working with classified herself as a "heathen and athiest" and volunteered to take all of the Sunday shifts including Valentine's day! I am pretty grateful. I'd rather have Kent on Sunday than any other day of the week.

We did decide to have a snow day on Saturday afternoon- but it ended up being more like a snow minute. Ike wanted to go back inside as soon as we got out.  Here he is giving kent the pleading face.  Maybe it had to do with the snow on his hands and face.  It was pretty cold out.
Zeb loved it and stayed out with me for awhile. His facial wound is healing nicely and I think the dermabond is going to fall off soon.

They actually spilled some of it right under his eye and it dried immediately so it looks likes he's had toothpaste on his face for a week now.  It makes me look like an even more delinquent mother.  Plus, Ike took a dive onto the corner of a cookie cutter this weekend and also has a face laceration.  At church people kept asking if they'd had some sort of battle.  I'll try and get a picture.

The worst part of the whole thing is the Augmentin they have him (Zeb) on.  He needed antibiotic for the cut- but he also had red ears so the doc prescribed augmentin.  He HATES the stuff. He keeps asking if he can have the "pink stuff" instead.  When Ike was on antibiotic- it was pink. Apparently he thinks it will taste better if it's a different color.  It all smells terrible to me.

Here he is trying to talk me out of the medicine. He's getting pretty good at arguments these days.  Last week driving to the gym he whined- "I can't go the gym, mom!". When I asked why- he responded with, "It's dangerous".  I asked him how it was dangerous and he informed me that "There are jellyfish at the gym. They sting people. And crabs, too. They are dangerous". 


Becca said...

lexi is usually on amoxicillan for her ear infections but this last one they put her on augmentin which she also HATED. i had to put it in a little milk for her to take it.
your boys are cute!

Amy and Craig said...

poor ike! cold hands!

Amy and Craig said...

you can always escape up to our house for the weekend if you want!

yaya said...

Awww, poor Ike! You know, gloves could help, just a suggestion. And Zeb's right, from what I've read crabs are nasty.

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha. Poor little Ike, and Zeb.