Friday, February 12, 2010

My kids love this place. And so do I! Although ike only has eyes for the foam pit- and it's pretty obnoxious to try and keep him out or watch him like a hawk when he's in so I don't lose him to the bottomlessness of it.  I tried various forms of containment- but he just got angry.

It's the perfect place for zeb, though. He's in pure heaven on the rings and bars and trampoline.
Everybody needs a ymca gymnastics center.


Nate and Jessica said...

Cool place

Philip Oswald said...

Just remember it is a good place to pick up a staff infection.

Michelle said...

Really? Staff infection? huh. I was just gonna say that I love the gymnastic centers ... but, maybe I don't so much now. :)

Cute boys!

M- your favorite said...

They are so cute! Happy Valentines day! Sure do miss you guys!

Love you